Hi there, thanks for all off you replied.   Yes it is difficult, at he moment , i am in my own world, just go with the flow, I dont think the reality sank in.  Plse keep me in your prayers,

Thinking of all of you going through this.

It is a week now since my hubby passed away, it was so fast, although we did expect it to happen.

I am going to miss him so much.Feeling so alone.

Andre, my hubby/friend, I love you always.


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Hi to all of you

ambulance took hubby to hopital on the 16th where he past away, Going to miss him so much. 

Thanks for all of you on this special page for advise and support.  luv you all


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he does not want to go, get very angry with me


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plse help, hubby is throwing black thick bile up, what must I do to help him???


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thanks for the quick response.


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http://www.sabc.co.za/news/a/6e924e804b … s-20120615

any one knows more about this treatment?


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Hi Marion

The metal stents were replaced with new stents.  His Biliruben came down from 280 to 150 at the moment, They only going to draw blood on Monday again.



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hi all of you

My husband does have metal stents in.  They replaced it for the 3rd time now.
Reading all your comments confirms what the doctor is saying.  Stents need to be replaced on a regular basis from now. I will look out for the fever, chills and yellow.

My husband had 10months of chemo and 25 days of radiation.  He is scared of chemo now.  It is his choice and I can only support him.

He is still in hospital, they check the stents on Monday again and then will they arrange for them to be capped.  Not sure when we can go home .

Will keep you posted.



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Both stents were repaced. Only 3 months after the last one's.  Why is this happening?  The doctor is saying that the tumor is growing.  Can that be the reason and are we going to this on a regular basis now?



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Hi there, just to update you all, my hubby is having a stent replacement tomorrow morning, the second in three months.

He is looking ok, except for being very yellow.

I am thinking of you all on this web going through this cancer.

plse stay strong


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My husband is not sure if he want to continue with the chemo.
He is looking into natural medicines.  Can some one plse give me an opinion.
What do you think of "faith drops"



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thanks Marion and Lainy.  a New day and I will start all over again.
will keep you updated.


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Hi Pam/Lainy, we 7 hours drive away from Cape Town.  We are staying in Port Elizabeth.  My husband's stents were put in at the Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town.

The dr cant tell us if my hubby will benifit from the chemo.  He was previously for 10 months on chemo and had radiation for 25 days.

Trying my best to stay strong for him and the daughters, what can I do to stop him being so negative.

Will keep you updated.



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my hubby's ct scan not looking good - enlargement of prev metastatic liver lessions with new ones.  also a large new necrotic crural lymph node present.
imaging confirming desease progression. The dr is going to put him on chemo.
I am feeling so helpless.


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The last scan was done +- 2 months ago. The name is hilar cholangiocarcinoma. He is starting with his chemo on the 30.12.2011. carboplot/gemzar. Just hoping he will be fine.
Sorry it is carboplatin/gemzar.


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Thanks for the quick respond. My husband was diagnosed in September 2010 with cholangiocarcinoma.  He was on chemo for 10 months and radiation for 25 days.  The cancer can not be operated. He have 2 internal stents in.  He had infection recently and the chemo was put on hold.  His last treatment  was at the end of August.  At the moment there is no fever, he is just very weak.  My husband is 52 years.  My question is, is it ok for him to be without   treatment for so long?


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Can some one plse give me more info on gemzar and oxiplatin?