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Marion!! Hugs!!

The kids are growing so fast.

Carter was 5 when I joined and is now 11 and Madison was 2, now 8!! Can you believe it?

I'm currently doing TAS120. I took a few months off treatment after BGJ398. And unfortunately had growth inmy lungs during that time.

It's amazing how much better TAS has helped me feel. My cough was out of control, literally making me sick. Now i don't even have a cough. My scans last month said I had 13% shrinkage.

I had something funny show up on the scan before this last one, on my liver. We are thinking it's scar tissue from transplant.

I'm so excited to reconnect. I miss you guys.


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I took a long long break. Sometimes it's needed for the heart..

RIP Kris.

kvolland wrote:

Patti -
I am with Lainy on this one. I have been a nurse for twenty years and have never seen anyone cured by some of these alternative treatments. I would offer that if it sounds to good to be true then it probably. I know we get stuff from family and friends that this or that can cure his cancer or his diabetes. For awhile it was aloe vera juice then cinnamon. The other concern that I have with some of these is that they may interfere with your chemo or other medications that you take as the interactions of many herbal medicines or alternative medicines have not been studied.
That being said however, remember it is your life and your disease and if you want to try something then it's your choice. I would just talk about it with your doctor first so it doesn't interfere with anything.
And I know I opened a can of worms here again. smile

I agree here! Someone told me that I need to start doing coffee enemas. I was like....WHAT???
Needless to say, I have coffee everyday. But it comes in a nice white (well right now red) cup from Starbucks.


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Hi there!
I also go to MDA for treatment. After about a year of my cancer being under control  from chemo, my doctor there sent me to Houston Methodist to see if I could get on the transplant list. I did and was transplanted about 4 months ago.
I will say, my transplant doctor said he would not do surgery (of any kind) if there was mets outside the liver. So they are 100% sure that the nodes have cancer?
I'm so sorry you are having to go through all this. sad


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I was out there within two weeks.
My local MD called and had everything done for me.
Good luck.


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Thanks everyone!
I will for sure update asap.


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Ahh...I have scans a week from today! It will be the first since my transplant.
Dr. Javle wants to do CT instead of PET this time.

I have been feeling good, but the fatigue sucks. Going to have the doctor check my iron and B levels. I feel like that might have something to do with the fatigue.

With that being said. If you have email me, and I haven't replied its because I'm the biggest procrastinator ever. In fact I just today booked our hotel and flights for next week. Please resend emails, and I will be trying to get back to everyone this week. I promise.

I will update on here when I get the results from my scan. I don't think I will be posting too much about it on social media...family drama. Need I say more? wink

Aww Thank You Ceci!
I will tell you, it has been a long stressful journey, but with the help of my family (husband), and this site I have made it!
A few weeks ago was my 2 year anniversary.
I was stable on my chemo of about a year before my doctor sent me to my transplant team. Then it was about 9 months wait after that.
I also had mets on both sides of my liver, and that is why I was stage 4.

If Alison ever needs to chat, tell her to look me up on facebook, twitter, or email (tiffanyschwantes@gmail.com).



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I'm so sorry the chemo hasn't worked too great.
What all drugs have you tried?

I'm so sorry for your pain. sad

Trust in the Lord, and he will see you through this. I will pray for you.


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Awesome news!! Dang I'm behind!!! Doing a happy dance tonight!

Been waiting to hear this good new!!!
So happy!

Thank you all!
That is why I wanted to share this interview from my team. A lot of people didn't really understand everything about it. I feel like this is very easy to understand.
I'm still feeling good. All liver functions and bili are normal. Had another round of chemo today. They are doing it just to "clean up". From what I read and understand this is what MDA does for any person that has any type of liver surgery for liver / bile duct cancers.

Marions- I'm not sure about superstardom. HEHE!

The super star in this story is my God...who said Yes when doctors said No! I'm just an instrument that He has used to glorify Him. yikes)

I love you all yikes)

Just thought I would share with yall. I love my doctors. <3
http://www.tmcnews.org/articles/houston … Transplant


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I guess no news is good news.
I started my chemo last week, and feel ok. Just a little fatigue is all.
I was going to have another treatment today, but WBC was too low.
Everything is going good with my liver, and number are perfect! We did have to up my prograf dosage, so I now take .50 one time a day.
Hope you all are doing well!


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Hi Tanya!
So sorry you had to find us.
I'm glad the drains are working for your husband, and he can start the treatment to maybe getting the transplant.
I just had a transplant a few months ago, so if you have any questions.....feel free to send me a message!


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I never had pain in my liver. Not during or after chemo.

24K just don't sound right. I looked over all my stuff from my very first trip out there, and it was not 24K!

You got this girl! I can't wait to hear the good news!
Praying for ya!

Lot of great advice here! I just wanted to say hello, and that your not alone. We are here for you! There is always hope! If I can help you on anyway please feel free to send me an email


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Thank you all!!!!

Haha your right Kris! :-P

I had more blood work today, and my liver is very very happy! Everything is good.


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So it has been the longest time since I have had blood work and I was starting to worry about the results.
I got the call today that everything is just perfect! Bilirubin normal, liver functions normal, kidneys normal ect.....
Maybe I'm a normal person after all.....or not! wink

Now to try and relax and enjoy life.

He did say I need to take it easy, as I'm still having a little pain, but that is hard to do with two kids!

Sending love to you all!

I sure do!!!!
Not sure what I would do without you guys!

Wow! Just reading over this, and it put a huge smile on my face.
Thank you Lisa for all the updates! And thank you all for the prayers and thoughts!