Thank you, PCL1029, Lainy, Darla, Nancy & Marion,  for sharing your thought and experience. We will ask our oncologist about Nexevar and Avastin at our next visit. we are in Toronto, Canada.

Thank you for your support and love.

Dear friends,

I have been lurking here for months.This website has given me lots of information and helped me go through the most difficult time in my life. Thank you all.

My partner, Patrick, was diagnosed with CC in Oct, 2011. By the time of the diagnosis, it is already in stage 4 and the tumor had spread to liver. Unfortunately, the chemo didn't work well and the mass in the liver grew from 5x5cm to 11x10cm as of Jan, 2012. On Jan 17, the oncologist told us the prognosis is less than 3 months. Given the poor response of his 1st chemo (cis/gem), the oncologist said the 2nd line of chemo will not be promising either. Patrick decided not to take any further chemo treatment.

Patrick was sent to emergency afterward because of the pain from ascities. They drained the fluid out, controlled his pain, and discharged him after one week. The CT scan shows that there is peritoneal carcinomatosis. The doctor suggested palliative care unit but Patrick wanted to stay home. After  receiving home care for a few days, the situation started to become unmanageable. Patrick was in pain all the time and needed someone with him 24/7. He couldn't even lie on the bed straight.

We decided to send him to palliative care unit last week. Now he is taking  15mg of morphine every 12 hours, and morphine injection every 4 hours to control his pain. He eats very little and needs someone to assist him with bathing/walking/sometimes eating....etc. It broke my heart to see him getting weaker day by day.

I still have hope that the tumor would go away and he can return home someday. All our family and friends have been suffering the emotional pain because we love him so much. I pray that there is a miracle! He is only 45! sad

I wonder if there's any successful/miraculous story here about people living in palliative care unit (hospice)?