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Hi all,

Thank you for all your kind replies. The nurse from the surgeon's office did call back and tell me that they are going to do the frozen pathology. That's exactly the type that you all told me not to have done. I told my mother in law this and she just shrugged it off. So I'm removing myself from the situation for the weekend. They are the type of people to stick their heads in the sand and I am the opposite. So for the time being I am resting and praying. To add to the stress I start a new job on Wednesday. Oy.


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I am past my breaking point. I showed my FIL the videos from Barnes for Dr. Chapman for the therapy he's doing with the CC. My FIL said to call his surgeon that he has the Whipple scheduled with to see how many of the procedures he had done. The nurse tells me she has no idea. It's too hard to track. So they tell me to call Dr. Chapman. I call and speak with his wonderful receptionist and make the appointment just like they told me to. Then they call me back and tell me we're just going to stick with the original plan. If things go badly then we'll go see Dr. Chapman. They spoke with a doctor friend of theirs and he told them they'll do the same thing at Barnes. I'm done.  mad


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I wasn't with them when they went to the consult with the surgeon. I do know they are going to do the Whipple surgery. That's about all the details I have at this point. I plan to play 20 questions with him when I see him Monday morning. My kind nurse practitioner who is an angel sent from above gave me good meds and I have been able to rest and nap. I feel like a new woman. Any specific questions I should ask?


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Please know that your sweet momma is with her savior now. She has no pain and is in perfect health. You will see her again soon. I'm sure she's watching over you right now. I'll be praying for you all. God bless.


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Wow. I am completely blown away by the amount of support and encouragement I have received from you all. I'm truly humbled. My in-laws moved to northern Minnesota back in 2000 and my brother in law had not been back to visit us here in Mt Carmel since then. He actually showed up yesterday to surprise them. I think that will do wonders for my father in law's disposition. Cathy-I am completely blown away that you were so close. Unbelievable. I do believe after the surgery and we find out what exactly we are facing I will suggest they go to Barnes. I will drive them myself if I have to.

The only thing that concerns me is that the surgeon has advised that it is a 3 hour surgery. I'm getting a lot longer time frames from you guys that have experienced this first hand. They have said that he would spend a few days in intensive care and another week in the hospital beyond that. Anyways the oncologist is already on board and she said she would stop by and visit him while he was in the hospital.

I have had to go to the doctor myself to get meds to help me sleep. I guess the stress of the situation is affecting me more than I thought. I'd went 2 weeks with sleeping 2-3 hours a night. So here we go. We're going to spend the weekend watching our local semi-pro hockey team play and play cards and laugh. I really hope things go well. I can't imagine life without this wonderful man.


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Hi Eli,

I had already read a lot on this site and I did approach my in-laws with my concern about the surgeon and how much experience he had doing this. Their reply was we like him and the last guy who had one is 84 and is now playing tennis. I explained the seriousness and they're set on staying put. So I'm letting them make their decisions. *sigh*


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My name is Stacy. My father in law was recently diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma. His symptoms were loss of appetite, jaundice, extreme itching, weight loss, elevated liver enzymes and fatigue. He is scheduled for the Whipple procedure next Monday. The surgeon has said they don't know if the cancer has spread and they will know more when they open him up. I'm scared as the whole family is. I'm kind of the advocate for them since they don't know a lot about the medical industry. I worked for a major insurance company in claims and benefits so I'm meandering through this with them. Any advice you all can offer?