To Dad's Daughter-
I am currently being treated at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (Chicago location).  I live in Stow, OH and got opinions at Akron City (Summit Oncology) and Dr. Krishnamurthia at Univ. Hosp.  Although I am sure they are good - they were all pretty negative and wanted to put a timeline on my life which I will just not accept!  I did have my surgery at Akron City by Dr. Brian Jones (amazing doctor) - but after being so let down in Ohio that is when I figured I had nothing to lose by calling Cancer Trmt. Centers of America!  I have to tell you - they are awesome and the patient is Number 1!!  I felt so at peace there and had my first chemo treatment in the beginning of October without hesitation!  They are SO full of hope and all have such a positive attitude, unlike here in Ohio!  I would most definitely recommend calling them for an opinion!  They fly (or reimburse you for mileage) when you come there and they feed you and house you too!  It was a wonderful experience and I am SO happy and blessed to be treated by these professionals!!  My e-mail address is if you have any questions!  Call them - you won't be sorry!!
Sharon Paul