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Hi, Marion,

Thank you for welcoming me to your site.  I did respond to Percy's request for more information. 

Thanks so much.


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Hi, Percy,

My husband had a CT scan 11/30/11, which showed new asictes with new mild omental infiltration which is most consistent with peritoneal carcinomatosis, mildly increased abdominal lymphadenopathy, increased calcified centeral hepatic mass and increased left biliary dilatation with stable moderate right biliary dilatation.

A follow-up CT scan was performed on 1/20/12, which showed increased smal to moderate ascites, decreased intrahepatic biliary dilatation, particularly in the right lobe, slightly decreased left adrenal nodule and decreased aortocaval lymph node otherwise stable abdominal lymphadenopathy. 

He also underwent a CT angio of the chest on 2/22/12, which showed the pulomary embolism.

His chemo regimen was changed in December from Gemcitabine and Cisplatin to Leucovorin, Fluorouracil and Oxaliplatin.  He hasn't had chemo in over a month because of the two hospitalizations after the paracentesis was done 2/9/12.  He was placed on Lovenox injections and oxygen prn for the blood clot.  He also has a port, which was placed in February of 2011.  Also, while in the hospital in February they started him on Aldactone.  The fluid retention in his legs and feet has improved.  His stomach is still distended, but not as bad as it was. 

He is scheduled for another CT scan tomorrow at Sloan in Commack along with chemo.  I think the chemo will be postponed, because he is so weak.  I'll know more tomorrow.

As far as radiation, it was mentioned briefly in the beginning.  When I speak with the doctor, I will ask him about it. 

Thank you for listening.


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In response to your question, yes, my husband was in NYC on 9/11.   (New York City Firefighter)  He was diagnosed with CC with mets to nodes and adrenal gland in October 2010.  We were told surgery was not an option.  He was given two months to live by the doctor who performed the ERCP.  We then went to Memorial Sloan in Manhattan and he was told by a surgeon there that he had no more than a year. We then went to an oncologist at Memorial Sloan in Commack, LI.  He told us my husband had approximately six months.  This was back in November of 2010.  It is now March, 2012.  My husband is still alive, but not doing well at all.  He has no energy and loss of appetite.  I guess it's just a matter of time now, because he has started to lose a lot of weight.  It's so sad to see him this way.  Today, I asked him if he wanted me to call anyone, and he responded, yes, God. 

We have been married 31 years and he has never been sick until this.  I hope I didn't blab on too much.