I am so happy for you, Tiffany!! I am sending positive thoughts and prayers your way for a new liver.   smile


Thank you for your thoughtful words and prayers.  God Bless, Lisa Jennings

http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/saltla … =164572093

Thank you for the last 14 months of information and support.  I wasn't as active as other members, but would frequent this site to study and see that my mother was not the only one who was suffering by this horrible disease and find comfort in the support that you all have given each other.  I hope that a cure will be found soon.   Please say a prayer for my father, Peter Harrison, he definitely was the best husband and caretaker.   God Bless.

Thank you Pam.

No, she is home now, but still weak with dimentia-like symptoms.  She has an appointment tomorrow to discuss issues.  We noticed instantly after surgery(March 2012), that her pinky would stick out and now the whole hand shakes uncontrollably.   What we have noticed lately is that her stomach is swelling and that hasn't happened since the complications of water swelling after the surgery.    I will remind my dad to bring it up at the doctor visit.  Her chemo and radiation treatment was completed about one month ago.  She has never been the same always in a chair, she doesn't read anymore and she is depressed.  This is a woman who was constantly putting others before herself and giving, giving, giving.  My dad is no longer working and is her nursemaid, he seems spent and we (the kids) are worried about him too.

Thanks for replying.

I haven't been on this site for a good while and since my mother (age 65) was diagnosed last year, she has had the ressection, the chemo and radiation came later when she changed doctors.  However, she has never been the same since, she has shakes  and tremors uncontrollably now and she has dementia symptoms.  Is this from the treatments, will she improve.  I feel bad because my family and I are constantly depressed and want to help her and want to see some kind of improvement but it seems to be either one month it's sepsis or the next month another UTI.  She is not improving.  Emergency nurses have asked if she has Parkinsons.  She is unsteady now when she walks.  Is this what happens after ressection and treatment?  Will she get better?



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Dear Jose,

I have been following your posts and my heart aches for your loss.  You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.  May your sister be in peace and watch over and protect you.


Thank you all very much with the advice, education, and contact info.  My sister and I will be calling Dr. Chapman on Monday. 

Loves, Hugs, and Gratitude to all, 

Will do, thank you Lainy!

Hi I haven't posted since February or March when we found out that my mother has CC and was able to have surgery the first week of March.  The tumor, bile duct and over 50% of her liver was removed, however, the cancer was still in her nerves.  The doctor said that when she regains her strength she will have chemo and radiation.  Well after being in the hospital for a month with UTI and other issues, she went home to return a week later for another two weeks due to a fluid near her lungs, a fever due to an abscess near her liver, extreme swelling in her legs, as well as somewhat incoherent.    A couple of weeks ago she had a port inserted for chemo treatment and then returned a week later for the treatment only to find out that she is still to weak.  The doctor said that he doesn't feel that she will be strong enough for treatment in two weeks and that after that she has missed the window of opportunity.  That he will give her CT Scans every three months and when a tumor appears they will react with chemo treatment. This is confusing and my sister has repeatedly said to our parents to get a second opinion.   They feel that they are in good hands at the Hunstman Cancer Institute and I believe they were with Dr. Kim who is was the surgeon.  But I am not sure with her current physician who came from MD Anderson.

My mother is only 65, she is the sweetest most loving woman you will ever meet.  It's hard to see my mother age so much since February.  She says she wants to live, but she doesn't seem to have the fight in her.  I am worried that we are losing precious time and my mother isn't the type to question doctors; I welcome any advice.

Thank you,


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Dear Bella,

I am so sorry for the loss of your father.  You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.



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I did see this article but obviously my head was someone else.   Thank you very much for posting.   My mother had her surgery over two weeks ago and she is still in the hospital.   She is still having a hard time keeping food down and hasn't had a bowel movement since she has been there.   Hopefully this happens soon so she can go home, recover, and then chemo.  I just want this to go away.


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Is it possible to have a liver transplant after the bile duct resection?  Also, is there someone who can interpret a pathology report of a bile duct resection recently performed?  Please excuse my igorance I am still new to this disease that my mother has and I am not use to this website yet.  Thank you.  Lisa

Thank you for this info PCL. 


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I am so sorry for what you and your family is going through.  This just breaks my heart and I am so so sorry.


Before the day gets crazy at my work, and I won't have time to comment, I wanted to say WOW to Cathy, what an amazing story, thank you so much for sharing and providing HOPE.   I believe that my mother is in good hands with her doctor, Robin D. Kim.  I would be interested to know if anyone has heard of him.   What is the next step when do they start chemo?  What can I do to help my mother and my dad through this long journey?   Why does she have to be in the hospital for two weeks?

Thank you for the encouraging words PCL.

Thank you so much for your prayers, I too will include your mother in my prayers. 

My mother did not have the whipple procedure.  However, I wonder if this occured around the time she had her gallbladder removed which was over a year ago.   She is in the ICU at University of Utah Hospital.  The nurses said that she is doing so well that she may be moved out of ICU tomorrow, they said that in order for the breathing tube to be removed she has to breath a 900 and she reached 1900 this morning, she also passed exceptionally well on other tests, the nurses said they have never seen anyone reach that high, they are now calling her Lance Armstrong.  My dad made a comment on facebook that if anyone thought my mother was fragile and delicate, they have no idea the strength she is capable of.  She is expected to be at the hospital for two weeks.   Thank you for your comments and support.

Hello fellow members, my name is Lisa Jennings and my mother Connie has been affected by this horrible monster.  I am not religious, however, I have been praying since January when we found out that my mother may have cholangiocarcinoma.  Two weeks ago, the results confirmed that it was true and she had her surgery yesterday.  It has been an emotional roller coaster for our family, my mother is only 64 and she is a saint, always worrying and doing for others. We have never had anything tragic happen in our family.  Our father adores our mother and treats her like a queen.  I have never seen him so upset, and of course, she is putting on a good face for all of us.  Obviously, this has turned our world upside down as you all know so very well.  It progressed farther than what we were told in the beginning, the main cancer was in the bile duct, however, the cancer branched out in her liver.  The surgeon resected (?) her bile duct, liver (over 50%), and two lymph nodes.  He couldn't get all of the cancer, therefore she will need chemo.   The surgeon said they will know in a week what stage the cancer is at.  My siblings (6 of us) and I had a meeting on how we can be supportive to our parents as well as to each other.  I handed out info about the cancer and about this foundation.  So worried for my mother and I am now reading a book about anticancer and freaking out about the foods we eat and the environment around us.  I am not a cryer and in the past I have been really good with hiding emotion when it's negative.  Since the news, I have probably cried more with this upsetting event more than I have with anything else. I visited my mother today and she is talking and being her sweet self, she appears to being doing well.  The nurses just love her and I am grateful for their care.  I just want this to end so we can all go back to normalcy.  Not sure where I am going with this but thought I would start with introducing myself.  Lisa in Salt Lake City, Utah