In November 2008 I underwent a modified Whipple for Cholangiocarcinoma in the proximal bile duct. My surgeon referred to the operation as a surgical cure, no nodes or other evidence of unresected tumor. I was back to work in 3 months and life was getting back to normal.  No adjuvant therapy.  Feb, 2010 I was dignosed with a recurrance without biopsy studies.  I underwent dual chemotherapy for 6 months. At the conclusion with mounting pain I was advised that the tumor is no longer responding to chemotherapy.  Therapy was stopped.  I took my CT scans to another radiologist who diagnosed me with diverticulitis.  I was better 2 weeks later after completing the Cipro/Flagyl drill. All was well until this past Valentines Day when I was diagnosed with recurrent adenocarcinoma, metastatic cholangiocarcinoma after a 2.0 by 1.4 cm lesion was identified on the edge of my liver by CT scanning.  Biiopsy, 4 days later confirmed the diagnosis. I am faced with returning to the treatment/paliative path and have heard use of different radiation therapies being used. I am interested in pursuing an Oncologist at Hopkins to discuss this.
Thank you for your attention.