Sorry to be so slow to respond- I just saw your post.  We are from Virginia but were referred to Duke when first diagnosed.  My husband sees oncologist Herbert Hurwitz at Duke.  He also began a trial at Lineberger Cancer Hospital at UNC.  He sees Dr. Autumn McCree at UNC.  I also believe Dr. Morris at Duke has treated many CC patients.  Hope all goes well!

My husband just completed the first 8 weeks on a clinical trial at the Lineberger Cancer Hospital at UNC Chapel Hill.  He had a scan Friday morning- and the tumors had shrunk!!
The trial is a Phase 1 trial treating gastro tumors with a combination of FOLOX6 , infused every 2 weeks, plus a daily oral dose of BKM120, which is a PI3K  inhibitor.  They are recruiting.  The main doctor is Dr Autumn McCree.  We were referred there by Duke. You can find more info on the clinical trial.gov site.
Just for background--- my husband was diagnosed with intrahepatic Cc in April 2011.  He had a resection and removed his entire right; he has also had Gem/CIS , radiation plus Xeloda, and bland embollizations. We are thrilled with the trial results so far!


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Hi Stamatina-
My husband has CC.  His father died of liver disease- but it was when my husband was 10.  So he doesn't actually know what kind of disease, as it was 45 years ago.

Hi Cathy-
The Gem/Cis did not work for my husband.  As he cannot have any additional radiation, he had Bland embolization (twice).  This is similar to Willow's sister, except the spheres are plain glass and work by blocking the blood supply.  He waited 6 months to have a scan.  Although his mets in the liver grew slightly, it wasn't much.  And he looked great/felt decent during the 6 months. 

He is now in a clinical trial at the Lineberger Clinic at UNC Chapel Hill, NC.  The clinical trial is FOLFOX6 + an oral experimental drug called BKM120.  He has a scan Friday to find out if it is working.  I will definitely let everyone know if he has a good report.  I believe this drug is being tested in many trials around the country.

Good luck to you and your sister!



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My husband was diagnosed in March 2011.  His liver was resected at Duke by Dr, Bryan Clary.  His Oncologist at Duke is Dr. Herbert Hurwitz.  The Radiologist is Dr. Brian Czito.  The Interventional Radiologist is Dr, Suhocki.  All at Duke have been very caring.  He has received excellent care.  Our local Oncologist in Norfolk Virginia is Dr. Thomas Alberico-- who is wonderful!