was wondering if you have had 2 things. recent blood work with alp (I thinks the wording for this is alkiline phosphatate) and when you had surgery what they call a roux-en-y? Why I ask my mother had her surgery just about a month ago and when we went back about a week ago for her first check up her blood work showed her alps were higher than before she went  to the hospital (at the hospital they were just about normal)  Went back to see the doc yesterday and he is pretty sure what is happening with her is that the small part of her intestine that they connected to her liver is not functioning right and bile is backing up into her liver causing a slight infection which causes the test to come back high again. So she's on antibodtics and setting up a test for upper gi. what next we don't know. He told us this happens in a very small amount of people. Oh I forgot she even had a ct scan which came back ok. They were shocked also she has some itching back but no yellowing some constapation and no fever no sickening feelings. Her last alps were 2100. Hope this helps


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We thought all was going well for my mom she went Tuesday to get staples out and drainage tube out they said she looked really good. Sent her for routine blood work and now the bad her alps are over 2000 it was 1400 before operation she was yellow and itching then. now shes not itching and not yellow at all but the alps are even higher?anyone have this problem? they sent her for ct scan and more blood work just to make sure it wasn't a mistake now the waiting.thanks


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I hope all is going well today for you and your family your in our prayers.


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was wondering if anyone can help my mom had only her bile duct resection 2 1/2 weeks ago and she is all clear but her problem is she is having a hard time with eating and pain afterwards. She says its feels like it gas and won't move till she moves (gets up and walks) this is hard for her in the middle of the night though. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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my mom had one more question about her bile resection  she had surgery  2weeks ago and was wondering how long others have had their drainage tube in for? they took 1 out but she goes back next tuesday and they said they might not take  the other out then. just wondering thanks again

My moms first question she says she sometimes feels like she has gas bubble stuck in her stomach ( like heartburn) how did you deal with that? 2 they have not taken out her second drainage tube yet how did you manage showers with it?  she was told not to get it wet but man I've tried many tapes and baggies and it still gets wet. thanks alot rrutherford6


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another great day so far 3 days post op she is in a reg room had the tube removed this morning and all iv's only thing left is the nution iv that is her neck and her cathider. She has her appitite back. wanted to eat today,  one nurse told her she could eat when they heard her digestive track working (gurgling sounds) and that walking would help alot.  So up and walking we did my husband had to laugh because my mom and I were just about out the door when he got a phone call, we were already around the corner out of sight when he got off  he was shocked how close to her regular pace she was. We'll this must have worked she got to have liquids for dinner. She says thanks to everyone here and for the idea of the pillow usage and the troat spray. She is also taking care of her own isulin too. home soon. Again thank you all!!!!!!!!!!
I have one question though  did anybody have trouble with their blood pressure ? It is still high.


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finally getting a chance to update like I said in first post she had surgery friday she went around 6pm to surgical icu.  This morning she was told she would be going to reg room on the transplant ward around noon. Had a slight delay because bloodpressure went up to 208/75 don't know if it was because they had her sitting in a reclining chair all day. After she laid back in bed it came down and around 6 oclock she got to go into reg room. next step is to have the tube in her nose suctioning her stomach out removed so she can start eating. She is a type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump and they have her back on that already to. I'm hoping she keeps up this well. She's on morphine She seems  paraniod she was very short with me so I left for a while she called tonight and was much better. I'll try to update tomorrow night. Good night


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Thank you all for for helping me so far mom had bile duct resection and liver was excellant. Took doc 6 hrs and she is recovering great thanks a bunch.

Thank You soooo much. My mom is 69, and stubborn so we'll have our work cut out. She will be recieving treatment in Detroit Michigan. I'm glad I found this site now I know what to look forword to.

Went to appointment yesterday and my mom will be having her bile duct removed and maybe part of her liver next Friday. Was wondering what to expect and how to make things easier for her when she gets home. sorry if this was covered but couldn't find anything about this.


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My mother was dx about the same time. Hopefully maybe we can talk through the message board to keep up our end I to have been very edgy and emotional. She is also a diabetic and always up on her tests. She goes to a specialist and he always checks her liver function her numbers were up very slightly in march they thought it was because she just started cholesteral meds. They took her off and were checking her levels every month they went up then down the last 2 months before dx went through the roof, started itching and jaundice. It seems so far to me that this is a very sneaky cancer. My family just got through 1 year ago this month my60 year old father-in-law dying suddenly at work of a heart attack, and now to go through this with my mom. She always said she never wanted to go through a long illness now to know this. She just knows she has cancer she don't know anything yet indepth  about it she'll find out more tomorrow. I've been doing the research and will be going with her tomorrow. Sorry this was long. I'll be thinking of you try to be strong but also know its ok to cry I feel its very cleansing. Believe me I'm doing my share of cleansing.

Question I wish and am going to ask . are my moms stents plastic or metal. she had the stents put in the same day they did brush scrapping to find out if she had cancer because mri's and cat showed no signs of any tumors. They were not sure why she was jaundice and itching. I also want to ask about the experimental drug I've read a little about here. can't think of the name right off hand but it's fda ok for late stage kidney cancer and they are experimenting for this. We go Thusday in the morning so I will definatly let you know what I learn from there to help you.

My mom will be going back to docs after her dx this thursday( she opted to be told over the phone)
they are going to to go through her options. I was wondering if there were questions that you wish you would have asked in the beginning. I'm lost at this point since I didn't get to listen when they told her. thank you all. rrutherford6


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jyoung I have to ask  if my  user name sounds like  maybe your aunt ? If it does call or come over  and I'll let you know what I know. If your not my nephew or neice sorry but your grandmother sounds exactly like my mother.


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My 69 yr old mother just dx 2 weeks ago this cancer in her bile duct after months of high alp's started about 5 months ago at 700 then went down to 500 and now over 1400 they first thought it was from her cholesteral med but after cat found nothing mri found nothing. the scope found blockage and automatically placed 2 stents in and the scrapings found the cancer. she was very jaudis until a few days ago she looks much better but the itching is still bothering her. She has meds for itching and it relieves it for the most.
I was not with my mom when they explained that they want to see if she is a canidate for what  she says burning ( I'm thinking laser) of the bile ducts if not then they will operate. was wondering if anyone heard of laser treatment? She has appt. in 2 weeks just wanted to learn more. thank you all.