I don't know exactly how to begin because our beginning is just starting with this devastating diagnosis of CC. My husband was diagnosed on Jan 2012. Started as Bile Duct Cacinoma; Exploratory Laperotomy with Bile Duct resection and whatever necessary on Feb.29, 2012... Our world shattered and changed! Unable to resect ANYTHING! Vascular Encased CC Metastases. Gallbladder was removed ansd let some healing begin. We are scheduled to see Oncologist on March 30, 2012. He was given"about a year." Those words still wake me up at night. His wt. went from242lbs to 211lbs. PLEASE any advise or comfort would be welcomed at this point. I've not reas much info on here concerning non-resectable CC. Most Treatment Facilities state, MUST BE RESECTABLE. We have a GREAT Heptaologist/Liver Transplant Surgeon. Just need HOPE. Sorry for the long post; You know how new-comers are.Thank You and look foward to being a member of the family. God Bless You ALL. Terry& Wayne