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I'm currently on a Clinical Trial  in Salt Lake City.  The treatment includes chemo - folfox and immunotherapy.  After 12 weeks on the trial  my tumors have shrunk 30%.  The treatment is not easy, like any chemo.  Fatigue and sickness are my biggest challenges.  Mouth sores are pretty hard to live with.  But I am confident I will see more good results for kicking this mean cancer!

I'm taking  MK3475 along with  folfox chemo in a clinical trial.   Thinikng that imunotherapy is the way to go with this cancer (metastizd to my lungs)..  It has comletley shut down my life.  I seldom go out and lounge around all day in pajamas...   I dread 2:30 pm until 4;;30 pm, when I'm the sickest.  I just try to sleep.   I can't believe how I can't do much more thaan shower and do minimal house work.

My husband is a great care-givrmand picks up all the slack, cooking,houdework and shopping.
I just look for positives after this over.  It's a tough battle, but i CAN DO IT!  Are othere having this hard of time with chemo?

I am currently on a clinical trial  with  Folfox chemotherapty and  MK 3475 (immunotherapy drug) . MK 3475 is made by Merck Sharp & Dhme (subsidary of Merck & Co., inc.

I have been in treatent for  6 weeks and have infusion every two weed with a pump going home with me for more infusion for 48 hous.  I am excited to be on this trial because of the positive feedback I've read on immunotherapy.

I am  pretty sick 7 to 8 days after treatment but gradually get just about well and have another treatment.  I'm always really tired, but the nausea and moth sores subside

In 2011 I was diagnosed with cc and had intensive radiation therapy (icluding brachea therapy) becuase my cancer was inoperable.  IN July 2014 the CAT sscan showed two small spots obn my lungs.  by December 2015 the spots had grown  with many new once.  I was able to have a biopsy so I could do the clinical trial.  Up to that point I was just monitored and had CAT scans every three months.  The cancers were small and growing slowly so no treatment for awhile.


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I am a 63 old female with non-resectable cc.  My doctors say it is in the ampulla so there is no hope for surgery.  I just returned from the hospital with my fifth stent.  I have a lot of pain, frustration and wonder as to how much it is all worth.  I am scheduled to begin chemo-radiation on Monday.

Anyone out there that has experienced the ampulla thing?  Also, do you have much pain.  It seems I have a lot!