Thanks so much Marion for your advice.  I will definitely look into HCC forums for further information!

Hi Everyone,

Are any members within the NYC area seeing an acupuncturist/Chinese Herbalist that they would recommend.  Thank you in advance.

Thank you so much this has been extremely helpful.  My mother actually does not have cirrhosis, or HepB/C, so it is extremely hard for us to comprehend why she developed HCC.  In regards to other forms of radiation treatment, she does not qualify, but I will investigate the other treatments you mentioned.  If any one else has advice that they would like to add on, please feel free.  I appreciate any help that I can get.  Thanks again.

Hi everyone,

My mother was diagnosed with HCC last month.  We met with a surgeon late March at Columbia University Hospital in NYC and he was confident that he would be able to remove the 5x8cm mass in my mother's liver found when a 3 phase CT scan was done.  When the surgeon opened my mother up he noticed that there were many smaller tumors that have spread around both lobes of my mother's liver that the CT scan did not pick up.  To prevent further damage and spreading, the surgeon decided not to remove the larger mass.  My mother has now fully recovered from the surgery and we are now deciding whether or not we should do a clinical trial or just use standard of care medication, Nexavar.  Are there any members here that have been diagnosed with HCC and had successful medication treatment?  We were also looking into chinese herbs to help my mother.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much!