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Contrary to what others might think, I believe that now is the time for your Mom to "dig-in" and allow her body to take up the fight. Now that she is no longer on chemo, she can begin to build her immune system back up with good/healthy foods and supplements. I am a firm believer that God gave us this major weapon in the battle of cancer and that if we allow our immune system to get healthy and strong, it can fight and win the battle!

I stopped chemo 3 months ago and I have never felt better! The recent Cat Scan showed some cancer cells died off, others remained status quo and other new one's popped up, but I chose to take the good news and throw away the bad. I know this thing is not bigger than the God I serve!

Maybe now would be a great time for the two of you to do a mini spa/vacation week-end. It would lift her spirits and give you both time to relax and enjoy each other's company without the stress of dealing with or discussing her situation.

Much love to you and you Mom!


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Day 10 of no BM. I'm headed to the doctor, I just wanted to know what to expect. I don't think there is blockage since I pass gas and was able to do an enema (which obviously didn't help). I don't want to be blind-sided, so if any of you know what they might do, please give me a heads-up!

Thanks and as always I wish us all God's continued peace, grace and mercy!

Hey Kris:
How is your food lifestyle change going? I know you will find it so beneficial that you won't even consider going back to the foods that are feeding the tumors! I don't even taste my food anymore. I simply don't care what it taste like! All I know is that I am getting better and better and my food choices have at least 80% to do with that, so I'm good with organics, fruits, vegs and a minimum amount of organic chicken and eggs...maybe 1-2 servings per week. I hope to eliminate it completely. But for now, I cook for both me and my son, and I have to prepare things that he will eat. He knows he has to change the way he eats, to prevent cancer from becoming a part of his life.

Again, I trust you are doing well!


Thanks for all of the positive support for my decision to get off chemo and on to supplements. It's only been 3 days, but so far so good! I'm on an Anti-Cancer diet. I eat only organic foods, no sugar, no flour, nothing that I can't spell or pronounce. It's downright scary how many products are out there that have preservatives and other supposedly beneficial things. Be careful when purchasing "Organic" foods as they too sometimes have added preservatives or sugar. I believe the additives to our food is contributing to the dramatic increase in cancer rates in this county!

But I digress....along with the supplements and new diet, I have begun to exercise again. My Yoga instructor (who is a certified to teach Yoga to cancer patients, comes to my home once per week to help me stretch and breathe deeply). I used to walk 8 miles per day...now I'm excited that I can walk a mile without getting winded! I've also started a very low level weight training circuit for my arms. I'll add legs next week. I've noticed that my belly is started to shrink! Of course I will need a Pet Scan to really know what's going on, but that might take a while since my Oncologist is very upset with my decision to stop chemo and advised that he won't have time to "partner" with me since I'm going the "natural" route. He even said that it would be pointless to have any more scans since nothing will have changed since I've decided to do nothing..he things the supplements are a joke!

Of course his nurse (out of his earshot) reminded me that I am VETERAN and that despite what the doctors says, I will always be served at any VA in this country and abroad. I simply wanted to continue to have blood work done and vitals reviewed on a regular basis! Anyway, I will continue to get those things done through my Primary Care Doctor, who is excited about my decision, because she said, "it seems to make you happy."

Well, that's all for now. I'll check back in at the end of the month. My 2 year old grandson is coming to visit. Something he could not have done if I were still on chemo...I simply didn't have the energy! But, now...I can't wait to hang out with him!!!!!!!!

May God continue to order your steps and bring Peace and Blessings to you all!

Laniey...do you also take chemo? Or just supplements?


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mparsons...You are blessed and highly favored of the Lord! I too am unwilling to accept the "expiration date" given to me by the doctors. I know that my help cometh from the Lord and He will keep me here as long as He feels I need to be here...and not one minute more. So whether I get to stay here and enjoy my family and friends; or whether I go to heaven and enjoy my family and friends...IT'S ALL GOOD cause IT'S ALL GOD!

Peace to you all.............


Wait....that's a good thing! Tomorrow will be treatment number 4, the end of Cycle 2. I have Cycle 3 and 2 more treatments before the doctors will conduct another PetScan, etc. However, I am feeling a pull away from the chemo towards a herbal approach. Now, before you guys start sending emails telling me that I should,"stay the course", you should know that I have not taken one step, nor have a made one move without FIRST hearing from the Lord.

From faxing my medical records to Mayo and obtaining a second opinion, (which still blows my doctor's mind. he can't believe that they would actually give me a WRITTEN opinion based on faxed medical reports without a face to face!); to my willingness to undergo chemo because I heard His voice as the nurse from Mayo explained the procedure and advised that I would feel better after the treatments.

Now, I'm feeling that uncertainty again, and that means it's time to take a break and free my mind and heart so that I can hear Him clearly. I promise to keep you posted on what He advises; as my life is now and has always been in His wonderful loving hands!


I love it!



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Thanks so much for all of the positive feedback. Your welcoming messages are just what I needed! I am currently being treated at the Bay Pines, VA in Bay Pines, FL. They are AWESOME! The health care professionals pulled out all the stops to find out how a woman my Primary Care Physician used to call her, "healthiest patient" suddenly became so ill.

Once I received a diagnosis, I forwarded my medical records to the Mayo Clinic in MN. The Oncology staff advised that the treatment plan devised by the VA (Gemcitabine/Cisplatin) is precisely what they would do for me. Consequently, I decided that I would receive my treatment at the VA which is 8 minutes from my home. I believe that things will begin to get much better once I have a few more treatments. For the last 2 days I've actually felt better and so far I've only had 2 treatments, this is my off week. I believe part of my pain is due to the frequent number of out of town visitors that I have had lately. It truly does wear me out and I've decided that as much as I love my friends, when it's time for me to shut it down...I do.

Again, thanks so much to all of you for your concern. Clearly, we all wish that we would never have the need for this board, but it's quite a Blessing to have it!



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So sorry to hear about your mom's troubles with blood clots. I discovered one in my leg a few weeks ago and was put on Fragment. The dosage changes with your weight and I would caution those who use these types of blood thinners to be sure to advise your health care team if you experience any changes in weight. I had to advise my team, who had overlooked the need to reduce my dosage.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Helen from Treasure Island, Fl. I was a healthy and active 53 year old, who lived everyday in the now! I was diagnosed with bile duct cancer in late April. It was moving fast! I was able to start chemo and just completed my second session. Although it seems to be doing its' job, I still feel so lousy. Breathing is difficult due to blockage in chest, my abdomen is so swollen and painful I can barely stand it and the skin on my back is so tender to the touch I can barely sleep at night...I have only been able to sleep in the upright position with lots of pillows.

I have tons of support from friends and family, but I'm afraid I'm becoming such a Gloomy Gus to be around....Each day is just like the last, each hour, each minute is so filled with pain I feel like I'm losing my mind. I am on a low dose of morphine for the pain, but I am trying to balance to meds versus my ability to maintain conscious thought. I try to look at each day as a gift, but sometimes, well...

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to really live in the moment and pull out the best of each of those moments? I am generally a very upbeat, positive person, but this thing really gets me down.

Thanks for allowing me to share.