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Thank you for the warm welcome.  My brother is in his 4th week of treatments and so far is able to tolerate the treatments.  He was diagnosised at Georgetown.

My oldest sister who lives near him has been incredible, and with him during every turn!  I live a few hours away but I am trying to get down to see him every weekend.   

It is sometimes a bit overwhelming, but our brother is extremely strong.  I pray his progress is good!

My prayers to all others affected by this terrible disease.   Cancer just sucks!


(10 replies, posted in Introductions!)

Hi, our beloved brother was diagnosed with CC just a few weeks ago.  As a family we are working to support him but there is so little on this cancer.  His Dr referred me to this site, which I am grateful to have found.  He has the equivalent of a stage four cancer and it is considered inoperable as it is also in his lymph nodes and ribs.  Presently it is the pain in his ribs that is inhibiting his life style.   Their goal will be to balance quality of life with trying to kill the cancer. Right now they are looking at using two strong chemicals (gemcitabine and cisplatin), once a week for two weeks, then one week off. After three rounds of this – or nine weeks – they would check to see if the tumors have gotten any smaller.  He has completed the first two treatments and he is tested on this week to see how the treatment is working.  We really don’t know what to expect next, but we are hopeful this treatment provide some relief and hope.  It is helpful to hear all the good stories on this site.