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On the afternoon of July 1st, 2012, my Grandfather Gerry, 73 years old, passed away after a 4 month battle with CC in Hospice Care.

I loved him & will always love him like a father.  I miss him so much already & will always cherish the amazing times we had together, & how lucky I was to have lived with him for 10 years of my 23 years here on Earth.

I was so honoured to have known him & was so lucky to have had someone like him in my life. He worried about everyone else, & he was a genuinely good person. Never once did he speak ill of someone. I will now live my life as he did his: be nice/compassionate to everyone, forgive everyone, & be positive all the time. He brought his family from Ireland to Canada for a better life. Every Canada Day will be extra special to me now. There won't be a day that goes by that I won't think of my hero ♥


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Thank you all for the wonderful support/feedback, it definitely means a lot.

He is currently being treated at Juravinski Cancer Centre in Hamilton, Ontario.  The only current option that we have been told by the doctor as of right now is that he would only be able to get one strong shot of radiation that could possibly give him months to maybe 2 years.

The only problem is is that he can't seem to shake the jaundice. He has a hard time eating a lot & has lost 25lbs since this all began back in March. I try to visit every day & when I do, he is usually in good spirits (he's always been a jokester) but it is hard to see him so skinny & sick.  He has taught Tai-Chi for years & years & we can all see that not being able to do that right now is also taking a toll.

I do believe we are getting a second opinion. Again, thank you all xoxo.


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Hello everyone.
My name is Megan.

My Grandfather was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma less than a month ago.
Scary because this is our family's first dealing with any kind of cancer, & it came as such a shock because my Grandfather is super healthy & super active. 

It all started with him not feeling very well the first weekend in March.  He was sent to the hospital where they first thought it was gallstones...he was also very yellow. He was later referred to another hospital where he was diagnosed with this type of cancer after getting a biopsy from the tumour in his bile duct. We were told it was inoperable because of where the tumour is.  He got a stent placed into his bile duct, but then two weeks later he got an infection & had to have the stent replaced & have a biopsy done from his liver, which we should have the results by the end of this week.  He also has a nurse that comes every other day.

Our family is shocked...this whole process hasn't been easy, especially since there is not a lot of information on this type of cancer.  I'm glad that I stumbled upon this website & thank you to all of you who post their experiences.