Thank you for sharing and congrats. What a blessing. I hope you are cancer free forever. This helps to lift my spirits. yay!!!


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Wow this is exciting to have people who totally understand what I am going through. I was diagnosed in March of this year. And went to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa Florida. I haven't really asked for a prognosis just about treatment. The cancer was originally found in my esophagus and in some of my lymph nodes and then when the staining of the biopsies were done they told me it was cholangiocarcinoma. I am on two chemo medicines : Carboplatin and Gemcitabine. After the first treatment I had severe pain in abdomen that was under control after the first 24 hrs. Surgery and radiation was ruled out in the beginning since it had spread to other areas.
Everyone tells me that I am this strong person but I do not feel strong. I have never been sick and this is just so hard to wrap my head around and be tough. (I keep thinking, well if I felt good it would be easier). Anyway thank you for responding and encouraging.

Hi, My name is Donna and I am 47. I recently was diagnosed with cc and have started my first cycle of chemo therapy. It is amazing how much information I have received in such a short period of time....information overload. Now I am trying to concentrate on nutrition which is difficult one because of all the different "Cancer Diets" and two because everything taste horrible if you're hungry in the first place. I found out on March 23rd and haven't felt or had a normal day since then. I have a strong faith and I know that God will carry me through this but I so can't wait for normal again.