thank you Lainy
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Best of luck KEN!!!

Thank you all
your messages have been very helpful!!!!

thank you for your wonderful reply
i wanted to knw is the cc commen to non alcoholic and non smokers?
coz my dad never touched either of these
i hav read abt the causes and they dnt say alcohol and smokes bt u knw how everything bad to liver is considered with alcohol

I lost my father last year in September just 7 days before his 48th birthday!!!
he had prolonged jaundice for about in a year,we came to knw of the tumor only in july and he was immediately hospitalized but we didnt knew whether it was cancerous or not  ,his doctor treated him only for jaundice for an year and we got a scan done only after a second opinion.
so after 2 months of hospitalization his bilrubin level came down so that the doctors could a perform surgery for a biopsy,the surgery went very well and abt 30% of his liver was damaged and removed.after the surgery i saw his removed liver.he was on life support for 5 days then slowly his organs began to fail,this was also the third time he got septicemia,first two time being when tubes were inserted to lower hi bilrubin levels,so on the 5th day he had a cardiac attack and he left us,he also had internal bleeding and his swelled up he was not at all recognizable his face also lost colour and was all dark.i had never thought before that it would have been so serious and i would lose my father. the day he died was my first day at the college and before his surgery i was seeing him after a month coz he was away for the that he has gone i feel that i should have been serious about him and should have spent more time with him