Dear friends,

thanks once again for your support and encouraging messages. I am happy to report that the first day of chemo went off well.  It was an extremely long day, with the IVs starting at 10 am and going on till almost 10 pm. First, there was the hydration IV, followed by an oral anti-nausea, followed by gemcitabine, followed by some IV to flush the kidney, then saline again, followed by cisplatin, followed by anti-histamine and anti-nausea med again.

She was overnight at the hosp, and is going home now. smile

Dear Pam, Lainy, Kris, Gavin, Moderator and all the other wonderful people on the site:
Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement. It is extremely informative and comforting.  We start tomorrow and are praying and keeping our fingers crossed at the same time.
I am sure i will be visiting frequently for your advice.

PS- is it possible to configure the settings, such that you receive an e mail, everytime sometime posts a reply to your query. I thought that would be the case, so did not check the page till almost 48 hours later and was pleasantly surprised to see all the replies.

hi friends,
my mother had a left hepatectomy on mar 17, for a case of intrahepatic cholangio with spread to the celiac lymph  nodes (1 out of 2 nodes positive).  we live in india, and are getting treated here (under the guidance of dr. javle from md anderson, who has kindly consented to help us).
she will be starting a chemo combo of gemcitabine and cisplatin from tues.  she is a healthy and fit 63 year old, with no health problem (liver has been fine too).
any tips on getting physically and mentally prepared?
the plan is to keep her overnight, and the chemo will be delivered via a port.

appreciate your input,