As soon as my husband was diagnosed with CC, we researched and found DCA. My son located some in China and sent them $900. After 3 weeks the company said the money would be returned and to send another $900.
We don't let the negativity of this experience affect us and needless to say, we located DCA much more cheaply.
We've been using it now for 2 months and my husband is doing very well and many symptoms are subsiding. Positive thoughts and DCA are working...........

So the doctors and prognosis can be wrong. We are told with some of these conditions that we shouldn't be too optimistic, but hey, so many of us are proving that tumors can shrink, that those abnormal cells can die, that the necrotic tissue can break up and that our bodies can overcome the cancer. It teaches the patient and loved ones so much abut life and relationships. It changes us all to not take a day for granted. I love to hear all this positive stuff. YOU GO GIRL !


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I'm so new to all this. Monitoring my husband from day to day. Was very upset last week when he started having chills, weakness, 'the runs' and generally feeling bad. Joy of joys....we realized that it was opiate withdrawal as it was just the time when he decided that he needed to go off the tramadol completely as  he didn't need them any more.
What a relief! He is now back on schedule with his exercise regime. He's been weak as a kitten and emaciated. Feeling stronger every day though.
He should have come down off the painkillers a lot more slowly. We were just  told to use tramadol 'as needed' so when it wasn't needed we didn't realize just how powerful they are.
Still waiting to see results of next thursday's bloodwork and weight.
We haven't allowed any negativity to intrude and insist on a circle of positivity around him. Also keeping up with the intensive organic nutritional therapy. We would love to go totally natural and stay away from drugs. We are compromising by using both herbal remedies and allopathic. !


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Thank you for the welcome. Our two sons and I took it on ourselves though a great deal of research to do all the alternative therapies. Each of them on its own has had beneficial results in others so we decided that we would do everything humanely possible to fight this. Our bodies are amazing and I think, have the power to fight anything given enough support in the way of nutrition therapy to build up the body's immunity system. The coffee enemas in particular give so much relief from pain and help to drain the toxins to the large intestine.


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My husband was diagnosed with bile duct cancer Feb 2012.His bilirubin level went from 10 to 25 to 40 and peaked at 80. I've never heard such a high level. We immediately put him on a nutritional therapy diet, coffee enemas, H2o2 routine. We do pau d'arco, coQ2, liquid C, MSM. beetroot extract, artichoke extract, horse chestnut, milkthistle and other things. He seems to be stablizing and his jaundice has disappeared. He has more energy and is on a 3,500 cal diet. It will be interesting to see if his biliruben levels have gone down at his next week check up. Incidently he is in Ireland. Has anyone else heard of such high bilirubin levels ?