I have been a frequent visitor over the past 11 months. My husband, Ed (sandtdad), was diagnosed with cc in June 2011. Over that time he has had a number of posts and side communications with some of you. He had good success with the drug trial he was on, receiving 18 treatments of gem/ox plus pamitumamab. When the effectiveness of this was done he was ready to move to the radioembolization. He had a good mapping and the radioembolization was done on April 3.  He was doing fine the first week with side effects that were as expected. A week and a half after the procedure we walked 2 miles to a local restaurant, had a bite, then walked back home. He seemed to be doing great. Two days after that walk, he was being admitted as his liver functions were tanking and he could not keep any food down. After two weeks in the hospital he came home to be with his family with the help of hospice. He passed away on May 7th, he had only been home for five days.
He was young-46 yrs, happy, loving, handsome and physically fit. We had been together 28 years, married for over 21, with 14 yr old twin boys who meant the world to him. 
The day after he passed a doctor from Memorial Sloane Kettering whose team repeatedly over the 11 months reviewed his records to give Ed another opinion, said at the beginning, they did not expect him to survive three months (even on the trial). The fact that he got 11 is a testament to how hard he fought. The support, hope and information this website gave him helped carry us through this difficult time. Thank you all.
My prayers are with all of you who continue to battle this disease.