I am celebrating 7 1/2 years of good health, diagnosed  Feb. 2006, Treated Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.


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I was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma in Minneapolis Feb. 2006, I was told there is no cure. The following weekend I was contacted by my primary doctor who told me that Mayo has a research protocol , and asked if I would like to go.
I visited the Mayo that week and started Chemo and Radiation fairly quickly, I went through at least 100 tests and in April I was told I was a candidate for the protocol and placed on the transplant list.
I was very sick, I had lost 35lbs, weighing 120lbs. and very yellow, doctors feared I was not strong enough to do the surgery.  On May 25th a liver came and I underwent the transplant. The next morning my eyes were white.
My recovery seemed to take forever and I had a few issues, I was in the hospital a little over a month, I weighed 109lbs when I left the Hospital. I walked and exercised every day, went back to work part-time in August, full time in September 2006.

I feel so blesed