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Hi topcatJ...hang in there and I totally agree with Lainy about getting a second opinion from a cc experienced Dr.  I wish y'all all the best.
Take care, Dana


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Dear Mary, I am so very sorry for your loss.  I will pray for your strength and courage. Take care. Sincerely, Dana


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Hi eli...yes this is the study. Per the protocol we would have added gemcitabine a few weeks ago, but it was decided not  to due to the cancer markers going from 122,565 to 12,000 with only a couple weeks of tx with Tivantinib. Thanks eli, Dana

eli wrote:

Searched Tivantinib and Papadopoulos. Must be this study:

Drug-drug Interaction Study of Tivantinib (ARQ 197) With Omeprazole, S-warfarin, Caffein, Midazolam, and Digoxin in Cancer Subjects



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Hi Marions...no, she is on a phase 1 study,open-label at the START center in San Antoio,TX. Dr. Papadopoulos is the PI. Thanks, Dana

marions wrote:

Dana...is it this trial?
http://www.thestreet.com/story/11539858 … ology.html

If so then one of us attending ASCO might have a chance to watch the presentation.


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Mona, she is being treated at the START center, Dana


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Hi Texas  Lady ! So sorry for your heart felt frustrations and I pray for health and peace of mind for you and your family. I am also in Texas and wrote my first post in introductions this evening under teamdanes...Dana


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Hi Marion, we are being trated in San Antonio, TX with Tivantinib...she has a lot going on in the bile ducts and her liver tumors are ennumerable...at the start her cancer marker was 122,565 and two weeks ago 12,000 and some change...we had to have one blood transfusion for red blood cells and white blood cell shots and we are now on a reduced dose ans we are doing okay

marions wrote:

Dana...hello and please don't run away.  How is your Mom handling the clinical trial and which one is it?  Where is she being treated?
Hugs to you,


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Hi to you all!  My mother was diagnosed in March and we are on a clinical trial.
I wish good health and happiness. Truly, Dana