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Had an abdominal CT scan and a full body bone scan on 9/15.  On 9/18 received the results and cancer has returned with several small lesions in the liver a 1.5 centimeter spot in the right lung and a mass on an abdominal lymph node.  I was kind of expecting these results based on how I was feeling and some other symptoms.  After discussing options with my oncologist he agreed now may be a good time for me to pursue a second opinion.  He helped me reach out to Dr Chapman and I have an appointment scheduled for this Wednesday, 9/24. 

I know there are no silver bullet solutions available but hoping I may be eligible for a clinical trial or at least something other than the traditional gem/oxy or gem/cis treatments.  I am still experiencing some neuropathy issues from my last oxy treatments and my platelet counts are still pretty low(109) to try gemzar. 

I am very lucky to be relatively healthy other than the cancer so I really hope to find something that will work.  The gem/oxy treatments I did earlier this year did help clear up signs of previous cancer discovered in January of this year but I have had a spot in my left collarbone and now these new locations since I finished up the chemo the end of April.

I'll see what Dr Chapman recommends and prepare for the next fight.

Hi Patzel,
I recently had cryoablation on a lesion in my collarbone of my left shoulder.  After 4 months of chemo for multiple masses in my liver, lung and a lymph node a scan showed all those issues had been cleaned up by the chemo but there was one lesion in the collarbone.  The cryoablation is a fairly simple, non-invasive procedure that was similar to the biopsy in that a needle was stuck into the bone, liquid nitrgen was used to freeze/kill the cancer and then the next day the hole was filled with bone cement and procedure was complete.  Not sure this would be an option for the location and size of your husband's rib met but I would recommend at least checking to see if it is an option.  My procedure was about 3 weeks ago and only pain I feel now is similar to how a bone fracture feels as it heals.  I know there is some concern with this procedure when the location is close to nerves, my lesion was contained within the bone well enough the risk was minimal. 

Either way I sincerely hope you can find a procedure that will work to alleviate your husband's pain.  Pain can wear a person out, cause changes to their normal disposition and put stress on caregivers when there is nothing they can do to help.  Best wishes for your husband and you as well.

Was able to get the biopsy moved up and it did confirm cancer in the shoulder bone.  I have a cryotherapy procedure scheduled for 7/23 to take care of this.  Then, back to the quarterly scans to try to catch things as early as possible if and when they show up.  This is my 3rd recurrence and I feel extremely fortunate that I have been able to come through these and still maintain a relatively normal life once completing an ablation procedure or chemo.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who hasn't been as lucky.

Thanks for the reply Marion.  I did some searching before posting and just wasn't able to find anything conclusive.  Most posts I read related to bones seemed to state or hint that CC was also elsewhere.

They scheduled the biopsy for 7/21 but I will talk with the oncologist when he returns Monday to have that moved up.  I don't want to wait that long.

Hi all,
I had a 3rd recurrence of CC in January of this year.  A couple small masses in the liver, couple small spots in left lung and a mass on a lymph node.  I went on chemo, gemzar and oxy for four months.  After 2 months, on chemo a PET scan showed no signs of cancer anywhere.  Great news and fairly shocking as I know this is not normally the result.  I continued with the chemo for the planned 4 months.  Last week I had another PET scan and received the results yesterday.  The good news is there is still no signs of cancer in my liver, lungs or lymph nodes.  The potential bad news is there is an area in the bones of my shoulder that lit up and looks like cancer.  I am working to get a biopsy scheduled for confirmaiton. 

My oncologist said he would be surprised to see it show up in the shoulder bone when it was cleaned up everywhere else.  Has anyone else seen a recurrence show up only in the bones? 

I may be jumping to conclusions and maybe it isn't cancer but it looks very much like it is.



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Thanks Lainy.  Received a call from ONC late yesterday afternoon.  He said the biopsy confirmed the mass I had burnt was CC as we had expected.  No plans for further treatments as far as chemo or radiation.  We will continue 3 month scans to stay on top of any future returns and handle them with microwave ablation if it returns as a single mass like this last one and if it returns in multiple spots then we would look at other options at that time.  Or if it never returns we won't have to do anything(never hurts to hope). 

Thanks again for the replies and positive thoughts from everyone.


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Had microwave ablation on 9/18.  Went well from what I can tell.  Radiologist who performed the procedure felt good about how things went.  Recovery for this process has been pretty easy, just some crampinng around the burn area along with some tenderness and some fatigue from the pain meds.  Currently awaiting results of the biopsy and consultation with ONC to determine next steps.


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Thank you both for the replies.  Great to have the positive thoughts and words of wisdom.


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Hi all, Rod here.  First off, thoughts and prayers to all who have been affected or impacted by CC.  I am a 46 year old, 19 month survivor of CC.  I had CC of the intrahepatic bile duct.  Was very fortunate to have surgery which took about 65% of my liver, my gallbladder, a couple of affected lymph nodes and the addition of a stent.  I did 3 months of Gemzar chemo and other than an absess and a couple infections after the surgery I have done very well.  I liked to be active before my diagnosis and I have been able to return to all my normal activities.  I was even able to race a sprint car again a couple weeks ago for the first time since my diagnosis.

I have a fantastic surgeon, Dr. Chaudhry and a very positive and supportive ONC in Dr. Heddinger.  Both through Iowa Methodist in Des Moines, IA.     

Last week after a quarterly CT scan I found out I have another small mass in the liver.  About 1cm in the left lobe not near any bile ducts and the plan is to use radiofrequency (RF) thermal ablation to remove this tumor on the 18th of this month.

I haven't seen much on here about the radiofrequency (RF) thermal ablation process and was wondering if others have experience with this procedure?