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In reply to question from Marion about insurance, we had three appeals and three denials.  Fortunately I work for a hospital that helped us immensely.   As far as radiation therapy went, the hospital picked up the tab under their balloon insurance policy, as we had already started radiation when we were denied (they had approved it initially).  The chemo we had to pay for but we got the drugs at the hospital cost.   Again, we were denied after we had started treatment so I believe this was instrumental in the help we received from the hospital. 

Also, hopefully all of his cancer was removed, as this is the only way to stop this type of cancer, and since we are on top of things, I think we can be prepared for what may come down the road and are living for the moment right now and enjoying our wonderful luck, which is actually what it comes down to - very lucky to  have found this in it's very earliest stage.

Two years since diagnosis and resection of liver for cholangiocarcinoma and Bob has now had his third MRI which is clean, clean, clean.  No evidence of tumor.    Thank God for the wonder surgeon at Dartmouth and for my husband's strength and positive thinking.  Stay active, I believe this is key in dealing with surgery, chemo, etc., even when you think you can't, but most of all stay POSITIVE!!!!!!

We had three appeals, all denied, even though the Ombudsman thought that with positive margins in Bob's case he should have adjuvant chemotherapy.  The insurance company decided to interpret it differently.  Three oncologists recommended chemo, and everytime a insurance case worker would call they were just plain nasty.  We were approved in the beginning, then they said they made a mistake, which took Bob out of the running for some clinical trials because he had already started the xeloda and radiation.   Enough said the most important thing is that my husband is alive and well.   My plea is for everyone to stay positive.  For a cancer that we were told was very, very rare, it apparently isn't so, but THERE IS HOPE.   One thing is for sure, we certainly look at life differently now.

A little over a year ago Bob had liver resection (unfortunately with microscopic cancer cells at one margin), then underwent Xeloda and radiation therapy, rested for a month and then on to six cycles of gem/cisplatin.  He has just had his third MRI, no sign of cancer.  There is hope.  We are so happy.  He looks great and feels even better.  Again, there is hope.  Unfortunately insurance denied all of our treatments.   Bastards.


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It has been exactly a year since my husband had liver resection (2/3 of his liver for cholangio).  His cancer was picked up by a very, very bright doctor who had noticed his alk phos was quickly rising.   He is now almost four months out from chemo and is doing fantastic.  He looks great, feels great (except for lingering smells from the chemo and some discomfort in his abdomen probably due to either the radiation or adhesions from the surgery.  On frozen section he was clean and doctor informed us he was best case scenario as he presented without any symptoms, but on final path analysis he had microscopic cells on one of the margins, hence the radiation/chemo, then rest and then infusional chemo.  Again he is doing fantastic.  Considering how blessed we are that this silent cancer was caught early, attitude and healthy living all come into play.  When he felt too tired to talk or do anything during the chemo a  walk around the house, just getting outside made him feel human again.   There is hope.  I have researched many sites where I just broke down and cried thinking this was the end, that we would never make it this far.  Here he is healthy and happy, we will stay on top of this and hope and pray for advances in the cure and palliation of this horrible monster.