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Thank you all very much for your responses.  It is so reassuring hearing that having some normalcy is a good positive thing rather than smothering him and also giving up parts of my life.  I do need to breathe sometimes as much as I hate to admit it.  You all are so kind.  I really appreciate the support system here.


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My Boyfriend Donny was diagnosed with Gallbladder cancer and 10 % CC back in June.  He has had 4 Chemo treatments and a scan yesterday that showed the tumors had all shrunk and some were even gone (in the liver)!  This is great news, and I couldn't be happier to hear that.  That being said, I have been told there is little hope for his recovery by a close family member.  I don't know where she is getting this information as I know the internet can be a dangerous place to look, or if it is coming directly from the doctor.  I have been so hopeful and positive, and as I continue to be it has also scared me into thinking I have very very limited time left with him. 

I have been battling with the idea of taking off work and how to do it.  A leave of absense would be the easiest, but then my boyfriend would be supporting me and paying all of my bills (we do not live together).  While I am coming around to the idea, I am concerned that I'll take time off work use a bunch of his money that he could be saving and maybe he will have lots and lots of time left.  Or do I take time off work so I have no regrets and see what happens.

In all my ramblings, I'm wondering what would you do?  He is doing really well and responding to chemo great with no real side effects other than fatigue, pain, and occasional neasea.  I don't want to jump the gun, but I also don't want to miss out on any time I could have with him.  I'm very confused to say the least, and I get the idea he wants me there with him. 

I know every situation is different, and everyones decisions would be different also, but it would be helpful to hear what you all have to say.  Thank you again for listening!


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topcatj, I completely understand as I know everyone esle does too.  I had one of my biggest melt downs over this past weekend.  We just have to have those days and when we are done crying or being angry or whatever we are feeling, but on our belts, or lift up our skirts and keep on going.  Hope you are feeling better.


Thank you for replying.  I've been in my own world of denial so to speak.  They said he isn't a canidate for surgery since the tumors are all through out his liver, and I believe in his lymphnodes.  He had a scan yesterday and showed that his tumors area already shrinking and some are even gone.  He has only had 4 chemo sessions!  Hopefully once things calm down in there maybe he will be a canadate?  But I do agree a second opinion would be beneficial!  His mom was telling me how horrible the cancer is and that he won't be around next year.  I have a hard time believing this.  Maybe I'm just being naeve, but who's to say we can't keep things at bay and he can have some good years.  Have any of you experianced anything like this?  What were the results without surgery?  This week has been full of ups and downs.  While I don't want to face the reality of this cancer, I also need to know.  (Even though I know there is no positive answer).

Thank you everyone for listening,


Thank you both!  Roller coaster indeed!  I know we have just begun this journey, but I'm looking forward to my boyfriend seeing positive results.

Praying for you both


For those of you that have experienced great success and freedom of CC, how long was your battle prior to being cancer free?


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Hi everyone,

My boyfriend is only 30.  He just had his second chemo treatment yesterday.  So far he is feeling ok with it.  He has lost about 30 lbs now in the last month and a half.  He was pretty muscular to start though.  Have any of you heard about Liver Flukes?  They are mainly found in Asian countries.  My BF traveled to Malaysia about 5 years ago.  I still haven't talked to him about what the doctor said about it, but they supposedly can cause CC.  Just thought it was interesting, since I also wonder about younger people having CC.

Best wishes to you all.



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Thank you everyone for your kind words and well wishes!  It's really great to hear about people running marathons.  He is already talking about doing every single cancer run he can find.  (Guess I better get in shape).  Donny arrived in Arizona last night for another round of chemo.  I really wish I could be with him, but as he says someone has to make some $$ around here.  Thank God he has his mother, that can go with him.  I'm a little nervous about this one, as my co worker told me that the first round isn't that bad, but the second is when they start to feel the effects of the chemo.  Has anyone else found this to be true?  Either way, I'm going to make sure this boy keeps his spirits up and keeps moving :-)


Hi LisaAnn,

I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad.  My boyfriend has been diagnosed with CC, but not until he went to Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  Before that we were told that he has cancer cells in the liver, but had no idea where they were coming from.  You mentioned that your Dad doesn't want to travel, but they have such an amazing facility that he may just feel right at home.  Their staff is so nice, and supportive, they have great (Cheap) food in their cafeteria, and they are so fast at getting the testing done and starting treatment.  I probably sound like an advertisement, but after going to UC Davis and Stanford and getting little to no help, I couldn't be happier that my boyfriends mother decided to call CTCA.  Sounds like you are receiving many other great recommendations.  Just don't give up and do all you have to do to get some answers and find out exactly what is causing this!  Sending prayers your way. -Kendra


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Hi my name is Kendra.  My boyfriend, Donny who is 30 years old, was just diagnosed with CC a week ago today.  We have known he has cancer for less than a month, but it took getting the run around and finally going to Cancer Treatment Centers of America to get us the answers, and him the help he needs.  Donny received his first chemo treatment last Friday.  Everything has happened so quickly, and as you all know, watching his health decline so rabidly is shocking.

I have read plenty of stories, and facts and information of this horrible cancer to be terrified of what's in store.  That being said, I have some good news too, that I hope will inspire you all to keep your spirits up and pray for good news in the future for yourselves and your loved ones.  Donny saw an Occupational Therapist who informed him that it is extremely important to keep his strength up to succeed in beating the cancer as well as the side effects from chemo.  She explained how every time he receives chemo, he will get knocked down again, and needs to exercise and keep his mental health in good standing while going through this.  The day after he saw the OT, he met with a Physical Therapist (Wednesday of last week).  (Donny had been in a wheel chair for a week at this point due to the pain in his liver).  By the end of his hour long session, he not only had a great work out using a machine that was like a bike and an elliptical smushed together, he also left his session using a walker.  We all got to come home on Saturday, and every morning since, Donny wakes up and does the exercises his PT gave him.  He barely used his walker on Monday, and he didn't use his walker once yesterday!  He is standing straight up, and able to lay flat on his back, which is a huge change in him.  I do not believe this is purely from the medication and the chemo.  I believe it is coming from his determination to get strong and beat this thing.  Please remember determination is everything.

I'm still scared and afraid to get my hopes up, but I do my best to keep good energy when I'm with him, and find that I fall apart when I'm alone.  I don't know if anyone else has experience such a drastic good change as I am seeing in Donny, but I'm praying that this is something good, and there isn't a huge decline coming (other than what is expected with chemo).  I'm happy to have found all of you for support, understanding, questions and answers.  I'm also so sorry that we are all being affected by CC one way or another.   -Kendra