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I'm Trishp, and had 3/4 of my liver removed in 2010, now have "innumerable " enhancements throughout new liver and have been on chemo since 9/2011
and am feeling not bad at all, thanx to so many folks praying for me...just turned 65 today and it's the feast-day of Our Lady of Perpetual Help...I'm a Catholic Christian. I go to daily Mass, and have done so for many years...I have a strong relationship with my husband, 45 years now, and my Lord Jesus, and his Mother, Mary, and if not for them, would not be here today.
Once diagnosed, I, as an operating-room Nurse, scrub/Circulate, knew a little too much and not nearly enough to make the big decisions about my course of treatment, or where, or what surgeon/modality..????You have to be overwhelmed at this point with the choices available!! Who can know better than the Maker Himself, of all the universe? I fell into His loving arms praying,
"YOU decide for me...I'll do, go be, whatever you ask of me without question."
ME!! Who has always got questions and opinions...I followed where He led me and still do...At Shands @ U of Fla in Gainesville, had Trisegmentectomy.
Free & clear nodes, contained tumor and out in 7 days w/o blood transfusion even!! Had a drain...back in for 8 days to take care of that and lung complications. Home again and on 24/7 antibiotics that sent me into neutapenia..no white cells! 9 days later I left for last time. A year later, I had a scan that looked like 'Starry Starry Night" in my new liver! Growing a new crop of lesions, biggest is 14 mm now. Chemo was Cysplatin/Gemzar but changing to Taxol July 3rd. What I want you to know, is:
God is in charge of everything...we can fight against that fact or accept it and live in peace with knowing He loves us and we will ultimately live with him forever...sooner or later...we have to die to get to heaven! Only Christ and Mary got there faster than we will....but He promised, that if we love Him and our neighbors, WE WILL LIVE  FOREVER!! THAT simple. Put God at the top of your list of those you depend on, let go, and SOAR with angels & Saints in the arms of a loving Creator/Father, Son, and Holy Spirit>Holy Trinity, ONE GOD!! Jesus, God's Word, was with Him in the beginning, when the big bang happened, and "There was light"! That 'WORD, became flesh & dwelt among us as the Christ, born by the power of the Holy Spirit to the Virgin Mary, in Bethlehem, with a wonderful step-father in Joseph, of David's House.....King David! Jewish to the core.....the nation hand-picked by God to be His very own people....the liniage of His only begotten Son,
Jesus of Nazareth...really Capernaum, but Bethlehem first.Go to www.Bethlehemstar.com and get your socks blown off!!God is REAL! God is the ONLY Good in the world..none there at all without His effect...bad is just the absence of good...choices made by those who exercise their free-will inappropriately to love. We are all free to love or not.Choice.
Enogh for now, believe and live forever. Now or later, but don't wait too long
You never know when He'll call us home to himself. I'm ready whenever...or I'll stay and hope to bring a few to Christ in the interim. I myself am a convert...Methodist, Pentacostal Holiness, Presbyterian, Lutheran (Charismatic)...and a few more...searchin' for the truth brought me to a 4 yr 'discussion' with my Catholic brother-in-law...the HOOK??The age of oral tradition before the compilation of the Biblical scriptures around 407AD, and the unbroken line of "POPES", (Papas) from Peter to Benedict XVI!!(Pope John Paul II was MY Pope!)Sorry...more later.<>< love to all...there's light @ the end of the tunnel!! Fur Sur!