Thank You for your kind words & support. It has been on my heart for some time to share my wife's journey here on the forum. I will continue to post periodically and answer any questions that may come.

Thanks for your kind words & I understand your frustration very well. I believe the reason for the lack of scientific evidence is due to the way our medical system works, and the cost.

Thank you for your response, & I'm glad your combination of traditional & CAM is working well for you. Everyone's situation is unique, and thus their decision on how to treat themselves will be unique as well. I did not initially support my wife's decision to do CAM, I felt we should do what the doctor said and start chemo. I have realized now that my role is to support her in whatever decision she makes.

Thank You all & May God Bless You on your journey,
Jim & Denise

While not everything written about alternative treatments is valid, many of the protocols have been around longer than chemo and radiation. My wife was diagnosed with cc the end of June 2012, surgery and transplantation were not an option as she has a klatskin type tumor involving both the left & right bile ducts as well as the left main portal vein. All that was offered was chemo & she decided she did not want to do that. We began the Gerson therapy at home on the 1st of August. After 2 weeks we transitioned to the Budwig protocol because she was having intestinal issues doing that much juice each day. She has also done B-17, a rife machine, takes epsom salt/baking soda bath's & see's a homeopathic doctor who has a BioMeridian machine which can test different whole food supplements to see if they resonant with her body. Today her blood work is normal except her alk phos is still a little high. She eats mostly organic, takes her whole food supplements, does the rife machine every other day, & coffee enema's every other day. She looks and feels great! Her last ct scan done last month when compared to the one 6 months ago shows no metasis and the tumor has not grown at all. We believe above all that her faith that God will heal her & all the prayers she has received is the most powerful thing of all. There is no doubt a lot of folks trying to make money with false claims, but there is also a lot of folks out there willing to share their testimonies on how they beat cancer using alternative treatments for free.
I have not posted on here since we decided to go alternative as I did not feel there was much support here for that. Cancer is a very personal journey and I would never discourage anyone from one treatment versus another. I will continue to post here periodically to update her progress and answer any question that I can.

God Bless You All,
Jim & Denise Burke


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Well we received the news yesterday that it is CC & at the same time found out that my wife Denise is not a candidate for transplant at UCLA due to the tumor being a couple cm to far from the liver where it has the main portal vein encased. We have an appointment with oncology Dr. Knoph tomorrow in San Francisco, & I have been calling USC, UCSF, Stanford, Mayo & MD Anderson. Only got a call back from Mayo so I just started to fax her records to the other hospitals trying to get a response. Should I be doing something different here? The mass is 36mm and located at the bifurcation of the bile duct. She has 2 stents in 1 in the left and 1 in the right duct. I don't understand why it can't be a transplant due to that location. Does anyone have any info on a living donor transplant as I am blood type "o" and very willing. I just feel like we don't have a lot of time and that we have kind of wasted the last month here messing around.

Feeling frustrated,


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Thank You All So Much! I will keep you posted, and I will be asking many questions I'm sure. We are going to the San Francisco Zoo today, and went sailing on the Bay yesterday as we are trying to live in the moment that God gave us today. We go for another biopsy via ERCP tomorrow and should hear from UCLA today. Thank You All for your support as it is very helpful to Denise & I to feel that we are not in this alone.

God Bless,
Jim & Denise


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My wife has had a history of ERCP's to remove liver stones from her bile duct since her gallbladder was removed when she was 23, she is now 46. The last one resulted in a stricture of the left and right bile duct and not a stone. The imaging shows a Klatskin type Tumor but the biopsy was inconclussive. They will take another biopsy on tuesday. We were told that it was not resectable and referred to UCLA for a possible liver transplant. I have also applied to Mayo and MD Anderson. Has anyone here received treatment at UCLA or UCSF? Thank you all so much for sharing your stories and knowledge.