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God is so awesome! I Adam praying that He will keep blessing you and the rest of us with healing and long life!


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I also would recommend Dr. Javle at MD Anderson. Although it sounds like your disease is under control. He also feels that long term chemo may be required to combat this disease. So glad yur scans are clear! Excellent news!


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I wanted to reach out to everyone on this site! I have been following the postings on and off. I was diagnosed July of 2011 with CC at Emory in Atlanta where I have been receiving my care. I had 5 rounds of Gem/Cis, followed by a resection in December, then 3 more rounds after surgery. I was able to return to work for a few months, then had lung nodules which changed so I had a VATS with resection of those nodules that were visible. The nodules were CC mets, so after a month and a repeat scan which showed a new tumor in the liver ire started Gem/Cis. I just returned from MDACC and an appt with Dr. Javle! What a wonderful doctor he is! I was referred to him by my oncologist at Emory. So, now I will be starting 5FU/Oxal/Iriinotecan called FOLFIRINOX and then will return to see Dr. Javle in 2 months. I have not seen any postings about this particular chemo regimen, so any info is helpful! He stated that he has had a 50% success rate with this. He is also going to have my tissue genetically tested so we can look at targeted therapies. He commented that it seems that CC may have to be treated as a chronic disease and this would involve maintenance chemo. I am 50 and in quite good physical condition with a wonderful support system. I have a strong faith in God and feel that that is vitally important to have when facing life in general but especially with a cancer diagnosis! I know that God is in control of my life and right now I am to fight this with His help! I have appreciated reading the stories posted here and wanted to introduce myself as part of this amazing group of people both fighting this and those who have gone before us!