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Texaslady sorry to hear bout your mom. No one has mentioned Hospice yet. Im not even sure I understand what it is?

LAINY, My mom has no other physical problems. She just turned 56. She is able to do all the basic thing like feed,shower, use restroom, etc.. She was able to use a cane to walk but now her legs are weak and tend to buckle on her at times so she uses a wheelchair. As for physical activities or daily chores she just doesnt have the strength. Her day is in bed or on the couch watching tv and taking small naps in between. I saw her today and she looked great! The only thing was her weak legs. She is scheduled for a catscan and an ultra sound next week. The onocologist will give her results on thurs and the nephologist on fri for kidneys... Thanks for your concern. I would still like to learn more about cc so i can keep my family in tune althogh i know everyone handles it differently....


(3 replies, posted in Introductions!)

After suffering with pain under her breast and vommitting for three months, My  mom was diagnosed with cc on Dec 21 2011.  She went to specialists and in n  out  of ER and nothing was discovered.  My dad finally got upset and took her to another hospital 45 min away. She was admitted after a long 12 hrs in the Er.. all the test were taken and The doc told us she had stage 4 cc. How they all missed it he dosent know. She has one tumor on her rt side as big as two fist, one in the middle as big as a small orange and 18 small ones on the left side of her liver! How can all those time she went to doc, specialists, and ER they miss that! Doc said there was nothing to be done. He explained everything to detail to us and chemo was the only thing to do. Pulling me aside he told me my mom had 6 to 9 months and she was going to get really sick. He mentioned a 10% chance she can live longer but only her and the lord know her outcome. I did not mention this to her only my 3 brothers and wives. Dad only knows 10% but not by me. How does a daughter tell her dad wht the doc said? He blames himself for her cc because she such and angel and did everything for everyone else! Its now 7 months with gem and cisp chemo. shes weaker then ever. she uses a wheel chair, dosent eat much, constantly vommitting and dosent want to do chemo. Last week the doc discovered her kidney level were too high. she was taken off chemo and now being pushed with lots of fluids.. Even tho doc said she she was gonna get worse i still dont like seeing her this way. I have been really strong for my dad and brothers. I dont want to lose my best friend. I dont want to be selfish either. I see her and i think she is going into depression and she doesnt want to do chemo cus she says its killing her... Feeling kinda lost? This site has helped me. Although every one is different, what should i expect?