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I lost my Mom in Sept 2012 a few days before her birthday to this cancer. When she was diagnosed she lived only 3 weeks.
Not a day goes by where i dont think about her and miss her terribly.  She was my best friend.  I miss our daily chats and her advice.  This pain wont go away.  Some days I come home and listen to her voice mails just to hear her voice again.  I know she wouldn't want me to be so sad.  The one thing that gets me through this is knowing she is with my dad.  That is what she wanted more than anything.  When I visited their grave site I felt a big sense of relief knowing they were together again, holding hands. 
Sorry everyone for posting my grief on this forum.  I know it's been awhile since Ive been here but you all know what this pain is like and it helps to let it out once in awhile.
God Bless you all!  Everyone on this forum will always be in my thoughts and prayers. 


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Hello everyone-
Mom passed away on Wednesday Sept 26.  All of her kids were with her at her home when she took her last breath.  She was very tired and weak the last week and still had hope and wanted to fight.  We had scheduled radiation on Tuesday Sept 25 and that Monday is when she started to slur her words and hallunicating.  We knew something was terribly wrong.  We took her to the doctor to run a blood test to see if she was in liver failure and when we got her to the doctor they could not get a blood pressure and they knew she was passing.  They told us that Radiation was not an option and to get her home and comfortable.  Once that was said my Mom's head fell and her body became listless.  She knew and wanted to leave.  Once we got her home and in bed she and I had a long conversation and she was ready to go to my dad.  She lasted 2 more days and passed. I am numb and still feel this is a dream.  she was the most vibrant woman, full of life and then to watch it all sucked from her was hard to see, but she was comfortable and with no pain.  All her kids were with her and she knew it.  WE all made our peace and the love was abundunt.  I will miss my best friend so much and will carry her with me forever.  God bless you all and I pray for each of you everyday.


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Hello everyone, sad news today from the Oncologist, they gave my mom weeks to possibly a few months of life left.  Stent is not a possibility as the tumor is at the common bile duct and pancreatic duct, it is very large and they would not be able to get in to insert the stent.  They only could offer Chemo to give her some extra months or the Whipple which she doesn't want either of them.  She is at peace and accepted the diagnosis.  I myself cannot accept it and having a very hard time with this.  The doctors where I work want to view the images that she has had, Ultrasound, CT with contrast and MRCP plus the recent IR procedure where the inserted the drain and did the biopsy, those images are critical for my doctors to give a diagnosis.  I cant imagine them being able to do anything to help her.  She doesn't want to go through anymore tests to get to the same result.  I dont blame her one bit.  I want her to be happy and live the rest of her life pain free.  Just to think 2 weeks ago she was putting in a paver sidewalk on her own and running a 40 acre farm to not being able to walk the beautiful woods on her land that she did everyday.  She is such a strong person.  I love her so much and only want the best for her.  I will be leaving to stay with her until her last day on earth, I need to be with her.  Thank you all so much for your support and advice even though my time on this board was very short, you advice, guidance and support really lifted my spirits and gave me and my mother lots of hope.  Yesterday she was ready for the fight but today she is ready to be with my dad.  If anything that gives me some peace of mind.  Take care and god bless!


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Mom is with the Oncologist now and I got my second opinion.  The results that were faxed were not conclusive enough.  I requested CD of her images and the doctors want her to come here and have a CAT Scan and the surgeon will meet with us to discuss options, in the meantime my Mom can have the GI specialist insert a stent to get rid of the drain and pain.  That drain is really painful for my mom.  The biopsy results only said adenocarcinoma, no stage.  Per the doctor here they said the only real way you can stage this type of cancer is surgery.  So now, I wait to hear from my Mom and tell her this news.  I am dying to hear what the Oncologist told her.


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The PA called my Mom yesterday and told her she has Carcinoma in all her bile ducts and has an appointment today with the Oncologist.  He mentioned Chemo but that's all.  Nothing like dropping a bomb and not telling you anymore information.  I am getting a second opinion and hopefully get some better information before she goes to the Oncologist.


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Yes, Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, IL and the name of the Surgeon is Malcolm Bilimoria, MD.  You can google his name.  I also have Dr. Willis Parson's reviewing my mothers case and he is specializes in GI.
My mother is 76 and has had no major illness in her lifetime.  No surgeries no health conditions, nadda!  I think sometimes she avoids the doctor.  I know why now.  All those tests she had and no results and now she is worse than she was a week ago!  Doesn't make sense other than they poked around so much they made her condition worse than before.
We are still waiting for the biopsy results.  I hate this waiting game.  You really wonder if the doctors are here for us!


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Thank you so much everyone.  Mom is on the patch and hydrocodine (SP?)and she feels very loopy and has very odd dreams when she sleeps.  She worries about being so loopy as she lives alone and wants to be independent.  All her kids have been staying with her until she is able to care for herself again.  She is a very strong person.  Just 2 weeks ago she was building a new paver sidewalk!
Yesterday she started taking anti nausia medication which seemed to help her eat better. 
I am praying for good results!


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Hi everyone!  It is very helpful reading your stories.  My Mom recently had a Interventional Radiology appointment and the doctor is 90% sure she has Klatskin Cancer.  She started having pains in her chest and lower back and the pain was becoming more frequent at night and once in awhile she would vomit and feel better.  Needless to say she had an ultrasound, ct scan with contrast and ERCP, bile ducts dilated is what they said.  The ERCP was not successful, as the blockage was located at the pancreatic duct and common duct and the GI doc was unable to get in.  Then she had a MRCP which also was worthless other than YES, she has dilated bile ducts.  That is why we had to have the IR doc put in a drain and take a look around and biopsy if needed.  The results come in today or tomorrow.  She is in pain and is nausious.  She is hungry but when she eats the bile comes up and she looses her appetite.  I am worried and wonder what could be done.  I do work at a hospital and have a expert surgeon that specializes in the Whipple but honestly do not think she will want to do that.  She is 76 years old and in 2008 we lost Dad and I think she wants to be with him.  Does anyone have any ideas?  I am at a loss on what to do.  I have had the hospital fax over all her records for a second opinion and all the tests she has had has been inclusive.  Now we wait on the biopsy results.  I am praying for her every second.  After all she is not only my mother but my best friend.  Thank you for your support and advice!