I am currently under treatment at M.D. Anderson for CC.  If you need anything at all, advice about the hospital, city, my doctor, etc..  Just let me know.  It's a wonderful place.



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Just saw this.  Here is my doctor:

Dr. James Abruzzese
Chair, Gastrointerology Oncology
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
1515 Holcombe
Houston, Texas

He is over the entire department and I knew someone who knew him.  I'm not certain if he always accepts new patients.


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Good Morning!

I am currently at MD Anderson.  I am not connecting well with my doctor and am feeling like I need to know everything so I can ask all the pertinent questions to get the information from him that I need.  Just this week I was told that the cancer is in my lymph nodes and that is what makes a transplant impossible.  They are also watching a spot on my lung to be sure that it is not also cancer.  (It could just be from past bronchitis or respiratory infections which I have struggled with my entire life).  I have been seeing this doctor since May and this is the first time I've heard this!  I was floored when I finally asked him the "right" question and was given this information.  At times I feel like he thinks I'm going to die so let's not talk about being as aggressive as possible in fighting the cancer.  Currently, I am doing Gem/CIS chemotherapy every two weeks with slight success.  I realize that there are relatively few options for advanced CC but I have to know that my doctor is fighting as hard a possible with me. 

I am going to ask for a consult with another doctor at MD Anderson, Dr. Javle, who seems to take a slightly different approach.  I've seen many good comments about him here on this site.

I am also considering a second opinion from the Mayo Clinic.  Does anyone have any experience with doctors at the Mayo Clinic?  They have slightly better survival rates than MD Anderson and I was surprised to see that the GI Clinic at MD Anderson scored only 52 out of 100 on US News and World Reports.  Maybe that means really means nothing but when I'm already concerned about the level of care it makes me think twice!  (Mayo clinic scored 100/100).

Thanks for any advice anyone can offer! 
Kelly :-)


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My name is Kelly Reimer and I am new to this site.  I am 43 years old and was diagnosed with Stage IV CC on May 8th.  I am so lucky to live in Houston and to be under the care of doctors at MD Anderson. 

I have been told that Chemotherapy is my only treatment option right now.  Yesterday was my 9th treatment.  We have had a little success.  I have had two CT Scans that showed my cancer was stable with sight shrinking and improvement. My cancer marker number has shown more significant improvement with big drops but seems to be leveling off now.   I realize this is a good result but I want more as I'm sure most of you can understand!

I'm happy to have found a place to connect with others who understand.