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Hi Everyone,

I finished my last chemo of Cisplatin/Gemzar combo on Valentine's day. Yay!!
I thought I would start to feel lots better; but, Im not feeling so hot since then.
Nauseated and really fatigued; which doesn't help much since Im working full
time.  Im trying to ride the nausea out and trying to keep food in my stomach.

Wonder if anyone has had this happen and did you take anything  or just ride it
out like Im doing?  I just hate to take anything right now.



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Hi Guys,
Im not sure how to answer everyone individually.  Maybe someone can
tell me.  DUH.  Im not a techie for sure.
I want to thank you for such a warm welcome.  It means so much to me.
Since my surgery and chemo all but a few good friends and my brother seem
to be pulling away and believe me, Im not a complainer.  Its almost like they
think they will catch something!!

To Pam..  I just love little bitty chihauhuas.  They are so darling.  I have always had sighthounds.  Afghans , Greyhounds and now whipppets in my
old age.  They are velcro dogs and stick to their humans like glue.  Very loving and very fast.  Love to hike.  2 of my whippets are therapy dogs and that is
a big help to me.

To Marion:  Thanks so much Marion.  I didn't know UK was doing another clinical study and I will look into it just so I know.  I have been all over the place looking for info.  I will continue to probe and Im hoping my surgeon
might have something up his sleeve since he is the one who suggested
adjuvant chemo right away.  He is young and pretty much up to date on our disease.  Just a matter of making him sit still long enough to probe him which I intend to do as soon as I have my first CT scan.

To PCL1029
Thanks so much for the links.  I will look at them.  My hep B and C are not
active; but, you certainly have a point about the chronic inflammation and I will speak to my gastroenterologist about that.  I was hoping to get treated with interferon when they discovered the tumor.  I didn't realize that I could still be treated.  No one brought it up to me.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything.


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Hello Everyone,

Boy Im sure glad I found you.  You all sound so supportive and I have found
so much information here.
I was diagnosed this summer with Intrahepatic Chloangiocarcinoma.  I had
only one tumor 4 x 4cm in right lobe of liver.  I was a medical technolgist for
years and active with HLA tissue typing programs on several transplant units
and of course I got Hep B and C.  Docs were watching me for garden variety
liver cancer; so, we were all shocked when I was diagnosed with ICC.  They said I must have had tumor for at least 5 years and it was just showing up
on ultrasound.  All lab tests were normal; but, I felt pretty awful.
I had right lobe of liver removed  at Carolinas Med Center on Sept 17.
Started Adjuvant chemo gemzar/cisplatin Oct 16th and was back at work
Oct 22nd.  They got all of the tumor with no mets anywhere and lymph nodes were clear.  Im finished with chemo end of Feb then first CT scan in March or early  April.'
Here is my question.  Have any of you had continuing chemo after clear CT scan?  My oncologist pretty much blew me off when I brought it up to him.  to say Im worried is an understatement.  I read here that one of you has had 5 recurrances and that the recurrance rate of ICC is very high--75% or so.  Im going to speak to my surgeon about it.  I want to feel like Im doing everything I can.
Any suggestions will be very much welcome!!!
Im still working at almost 70 at very high stress job and I live alone with 3 very active whippets.  We hike a lot even when Im tired.  I don't plan to go down without a fight and all of you have really inspired me!!!

Thanks so much ,