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Thank you everyone for sharing and caring. We have an appt on 10/16 in Sacramento. We are trying to get something sooner. I'll be checking in periodcally. God Bless.


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It is located in his liver right now and is growing. We stumbled on to it from his annual physical. There they found abnormal blood (too much iron). They continued with more tests, MRI's. There they located a "mass" and sent him in for biopsy due to it growing. We will be making a trip to SF soon. I will get in touch with Dr. Giles in regards to the children.

Still stunned right now though.
Thanks for your support.


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My husband, 42 years old, was diganosed yesterday. No symptoms. Just results from biopsy on 9/20/12. I'm not accepting very well the things I've read so far and I am just really scared. We have a 11 yr old daughter and a 9 yr old son. We are all very confused and still stunned. Not sure what to do next. My main focus besides my husband is how to help my kids cope. I don't want to lie to them and I don't want to scare them.