Hello My CC Family,
It's been awhile since I posted anything.But today I just had to,today is the one year anniversary that my lovely wife Ginger lost her battle to horrible disease.
Life just is not the same without her, but I know that she is always near me.I can feel her presence and she constantly gives me signs of her presence.I will be volunteering at a Relay For Life next month in her memory.I for the most part am doing good,still going to counseling and I'm seeing a psychiatrist for depression. This has been the biggest pain in my life,to see your love one going through this battle and to know that there really isn't much you can do for her is the worst feeling ever.I pray for a cure, for the ones the have lost their battle and for the families that are left with the sorrow.

God Bless You All,


Hi Bob And Nancy,

I'm so sorry for your loss, please accept my sincere deepest condolences. Annie had told about Jeff, but I was waiting for your posting.Annie shared a few stories about Jeff with me and just by these stories.I know that he was remarkable young man. He was an inspiration to all and a strong fighter.Please know that my Ginger received him with open arms up in heaven,even though we have never met.Ginger knew about Jeff.Today is eight months ago that my Ginger passed.May God Bless You Both!


Hello everyone,

Tomorrow will be three weeks that my Lovely Ginger passed.I believe we got our first visit this evening from Ginger.I have over 100 pictures of her on my iPad.My daughter Stacie was logging in to the iPad.When one of the pictures pop up unexpectedly.I told Stacie to remove the picture,because its to recent for me and it makes me sad.It was a picture from our last Thanksgiving together from last year.I must mention that we went on our first date on a Thanksgiving,nine years ago.
In the picture you can see my Mother,my Sister Laura and Ginger.On the picture,Ginger has her back towards the camera and my other sister Maria that was really close with Ginger.We never noticed that in this particular picture ,Maria is in front of Ginger standing sideways.After the picture popped up unexpectedly ,Maria walk in through the front door about ten seconds later.I don't know what this means,if she was trying to tell me something.Maybe that Maria was about to walk in. Lainy I believe you are a strong believer in this types of events.My counselor did tell me to pay attention to everything around me.I want to think something good out of this event.Anyways I thought I'd share this with you.


Thanks for reading.

Hello CC Family,

I am so happy to say that my Lovely Ginger' services was just beautiful.If you would like to see a tribute video.Just google Ginger L Banino tribute video.
Thanks Again for all your love,prayers and support.



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Hello CC Family,

Tomorrow is the BIG Day.My Lovely Ginger's services. I'm feeling all this different emotions today.Im sure it's going to be beautiful surrounded by family and friends that really Loved and will continue to LOVE her for ever in their HEARTS.Just the way she LOVED everybody.Thanks for all your LOVE And SUPPORT.




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Hi Marinmommy,

I'm so sorry about your dads passing.My Lovely Ginger just passed on Feb 13.I was also at her bedside with her daughter and sister when she passed.She was also doing the terrible rattle breathing( Death Rattle). When she just stopped breathing.I had just stepped away a few feet when it happened.Ginger was alert and knew what was happening.I stepped away to put her clothes into the washer machine because she was dirty and we where changing and cleaning her.She knew that I had stepped away and I believe that's when she decided to go.Feb 14th has always been special to both of us and she wanted me to continue to hold on to that day as a special in good memory for both of us. I did tell her how much I loved her and she replied by telling me she loved me too.I told her I was sorry for any thing that I had done in anyway if I harmed her and she told me don't be sorry.I thanked her for taking care of me and my two kids.I missed her so much but I know she's in a better place without suffering.We are having her services this Friday and a gathering at our place afterwards.Sometimes I feel like I didn't do enough at the end for her comfort because I got some medical cushions to help her with he bed sores two days after her passing in the mail.Anyways stay strong and continue to hold on to those good memories.Thanks to everyone on this wonderful website.


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Greeting CC Family,

Thank you!To all for all your kind words and prayers.Lainy, thank you for the beautiful poem.I read it frequently and it helps me get through the day.You have been an inspiration to all.Pamela good luck to Lauren on her surgery,I will be praying for her.Bob and Nancy,thank you for all the love,support and prayers.I wish the very best for you and Jeff.Even though we've never met personally.Ginger's services is going to be March 1st at Forest Lawn in Long Beach,Ca.This last few days have been the worst days of my life without my Ginger.I MISS HER SO MUCH!!! Thank you to Marion Schwartz from the foundation for your beautiful email.It is so wonderful to know that all you wonderful people from this foundation really truly care. I can assure you all that Ginger left peacefully.Her daughter,sister and myself were at her bedside.I don't know if I ever told the story.Ginger Started working at the school February 14,1990 and I started working at the same school February 14,2000. It was like a destination.For the last six years we would spend Valentines weekend in Las Vegas.Valentines was special day for us.Ginger passed February 13 at 11:pm.Its like she chose that time to go one hour before February the 14th.She wanted to keep the 14th special with all the good times we had in Vegas with good memories.Ginger will always be with me and in my heart,she is now my Angel.
Thanks again for all the support,love and prayers.Im sure Ginger is in heaven with the help of al your prayers,it just made easier for her to find her way there.

With Much Love Respect.




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Hello CC Family,

It is with great sorrow and pain in my heart to let you.know that Ginger my wife
Passed last night.Wow sometimes I still can't believe it, it just happened so fast.
I want to take this apportunity to thank each and everyone,that helped me get through this with your comments and advise .It certainly made a big impact on me. Now I know more about CC, where back in last July I didn't know anything about this terrible disease.Ginger was a very strong and loving person.That she will be greatly missed.I always told Ginger that she had no idea how much she was loved.I would hear it every day from the school community.Thanks for all your love and prayers.If prayers where to heal Ginger would have been healed months ago.

Once again,
Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart.



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Dear Deane,

So sorry to here about your mother passing.It sound likes she was a wonderful person.My thoughts and Prayers to you and your Family.

Gerardo And Ginger.


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Hello CC Family,

It's been a week since we received the bad news from Ginger's CT-Scan results.
Dr Thomas Lowe confirmed to us that the chemo did not help Ginger at all,the tumors on her liver actually grew more and she has new ones.she has Adenocarcinoma with multifocal liver lesions in both lobes of the liver.He gave her two options.1) Continue with stronger dose of chemo which he really doubt that it would help her and 2). Go on Hospice,which is what she chose.its now a matter of quality of life.

  I am having a very hard time accepting this.But only she knows what it's like to go through chemo.Im just taking it day by day and trying to make her happy.We continue to receive lots of help,support and love from the school community.I tell Ginger that she has no idea how much she is Loved by all the school community.Her Birthday is the 20th of January and besides what iI have planned for her some of the teachers and students are planning some Birthday greeting videos.Im sure it will be something that will make her very happy.because she loved all the students.

I would like to thank everybody
For all your thoughts and prayers.

Gerardo and Ginger.

Hello All,

   Please bare with me this morning, as I am a little nervous and scared.Ginger had a CT -Scan on Friday and we have an appointment later this afternoon for the results.I don't know what to expect and Im also unsure that if its bad news.Should Ginger know everything? I'm afraid that if its bad news she will get more depressed.

Ginger has been doing well the last few days.She seems to be getting stronger and she's more alert .She has been off the chemo treatment for three weeks.Her doctor said that if he didn't see any shrinkage in the tumors,he was going to do something else.We will find out more today.

I will keep you all posted on the results and the next medical procedures on Ginger.

Thanks for all your support.



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Hello Annie,

Hope your are doing well.Ginger my wife,I believe it was on her third chemo treatment got a blood transfusion.She went in for the chemo and they told her that they where going to give her the treatment but that she had to go to the hospital right after the chemo.She was in the hospital over night, had the transfusion and had a paransentisis. She was in the hospital for one night only.And believe me.It made a big huge difference on her,because she up and Christmas shopping two days after her chemo treatment.Good luck with your brother and Happy new year.


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Hello Martina,

I'm so sorry about your loss. I too lost my father seven years ago to brain cancer.Now I'm going through something similar with my wife Gingers CC.
Nobody can ever be prepared for something like this,when it just happens when you least expect it.It never goes away but it does get easier as time goes by.I also get very emotional during the holidays and I usually take time off by myself for an hour or two to grieve for my father.

One of my co-workers just lost her mom a couple of months ago and it hurt me to see her grieve.I wanted to something for her and one night while surfing the web,I came across this book and I bought it for her.The books title is Motherless Daughters.Now as I read your post I looked some of them up and this is what I came across with.

-On Grieving The Death O A Father.
-When Parents Die:A Guide For Adults.
-Fatherless Daughters.
-Fatherless Women.

This are just a few of them and there are many more. I certainly hope this help you.And I'm sure you where a great daughter to your father. Good Luck and stay strong.

Gerardo and Ginger.


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Hello CC Family,

May the wonder of Jesus's love touch each and everyone this Christmas and bring you peace and happiness in the new year.Lots of love and loads of wishes for a very Merry Christmas!

Ginger And Gerardo.

Hello Nancy,

I've been thinking and praying forJeff,Bob And you all week.Thinking about Jeff's scheduled surgery for tomorrow.I was thinking that as soon as I got home and after checking on Ginger, that I was going to get online and write a post on this wonderful website wishing Jeff good luck for tomorrow.And I seen Ann at work today and she told about the devastating news.My heart just dropped with sadness.I am so sorry to hear the sad news.

Ginger and myself will continue to pray for Jeff,Bob and you.Just take one day at a time and try to make the most out of it.Hang in there and be strong.If there is anything we can do,just let us know remember we are only a few minutes away from each other.
    God Bless!
  Hugs, Hugs and more Hugs!                   Gingers Cell.       Gerardo's Cell
      Gerardo And Ginger.                        (310)567-4529.    (310)590-6246.

Hi Nancy,

That is the best Christmas ever. Good Luck to Jeff On his surgery.Ginger and myself will be thinking and praying for Jeff.Remember we are only a few minutes away from each other.If there is anything I can do to help.


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Hello everyone,

Sorry once again for not keeping you all up to date on my wife Ginger. She seems to be doing well.She had her chemo postponed due to her white blood cells count being too low.She is scheduled again for Thursday the 13th if everything goes well.She is now scheduled for weekly draining of her abdominal fluids also.she is also now on my insurance coverage,we really can't thank all the people that have supported us through out this time.We continue to get help from the school community and some of the students have had a couple of fund raisers for Ginger and CC awareness.I still see people wearing their CC bracelets around campus.Gingers daughter is still with us helping with her care.I am now going to counseling once a week and it is getting easier for me around campus to talk about it.They just love her and care for her so much that is overwhelming.I am just taking it day by day and trying to make the most out of it.It is still hard to see her going through all of this medical procedures.Once again thanks to all for all your support, it definitely makes a huge difference reading on this site about CC.

P.S  Just in case I don't get to post before Christmas.


First of all,
Let me start by thanking each and everyone for all the love and support you all wonderful people have sent our way.My name is Ginger the wife of Gerardo(greynosa).i am the one that got diagnosed on August 20th of this year.August 20th changed our lives unexpectedly.The Chemo went well doesn't seem to be any complications.I did go into the ER right after Chemo for a blood transfusion and stay over the weekend, I also got the Abdominal fluids drained.(6liters of fluid drained)I certainly wouldn't have been able to get through this ordeal without the TLC and support from my husband Gerardo(greynosa).Please receive all the love,support and prayers from us, as we have receive yours.

With lots of Love and Support.
Ginger and Gerardo Reynosa.

Dear Nancy (Jeff's mom and dad)
We hope for the very best for You,Bob and Jeff.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family each day.Sorry I haven't got in contact with you.But hopefully soon we will meet each other to be supportive of each other when times get hard and hopefully become friends.


Hello Bob And Nancy,

My name is Gerardo and I'm the person that works at the school that Annie works for up in Palos Verdes.My wife is Ginger and she is the one that got diagnosed with CC.

I'm so sorry to know about Jeff's results.What a great person Jeff is to still have the courage to go to work even after  fighting this terrible disease.You certainly have come to the right website,for knowledge and an enormous amount of support.Please know that You,Bob and Jeff are not alone.Please receive mine and Gingers love and support and most of all Prayers lots of Prayers.I will be calling you soon to see if we can meet each other since we are also going through the same emotions.We are only a few minutes away from each other.

  I will be posting an update on my wife Gingers medical condition soon.

   Lots of Love,Support And Prayers for You,Bob And Jeff.


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Greetings everyone,

First of all "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" As you may already know about my wife Ginger diagnosis.She is doing good and she's scheduled for a Chemo treatment on Friday.This year we are having Thanksgiving dinner at our place.Im just so grateful that we found all you wonderful people and that Ginger is still we us.This Holidays are going to be special and emotional,since Gingers CC diagnosis was in August and it has changed our lives dramatically.We hope and pray for cure of CC.Once again Thanks for all your supportive love and prayers.

To Nancy in Torrance .Hope Jeff is doing well.


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Hello everyone,

First of all,sorry that I haven't been keeping you all up to date on my wife's (Gingers)health.Thanks to the generousity of some of the faculty and staff from work.They gave us a airfare round trip,hotel accommodations and limousine service to Las Vegas.And we got married on October 8th.I must say it was a very emotional ceremony.She has started her Chemotherapy and she seems to be doing well with it.The only thing that I've notice is that she gets very weak for a few days.She is getting her abdominal fluids drained about every two weeks,an average of 4 to 6 liters of fluid.We are still getting lots of help and support from the school community.The director of the community service and I bought about 3 hundred of the bracelets and passed them out through out the faculty and staff and students.It is great to see people wearing this bracelets in support for Ginger. She is being well taken care of through the day by her daughter,that moved in with us.Ginger is going on my health insurance policy starting in December.This difficult times are really taking a toll on me also.I am now on stress medication and medication for my migraine headaches.It has been very difficult for me to be at work.Because I have to talk about it 10 to 15 times a day.People just have so much love and care for her,it's amazing! God Bless You All. And thanks for the support and prayers.


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First of all, thank you for your quick replies.And please bare with me since this is all very new to me and don't know much about cc.But I have been reading quite a bit about cc and that's how I found you wonderful people.I will continue to keep you informed on her(Ginger is her name) as with fight this terrible desease together.We work for a private k-12 school in Southern Ca.She just got laid off in June 2012.She was in the food service for 22 years and I am the ground supervisor 12 years.So that means no more insurance for her since we are not married,but we do plan on getting married soon.When one of the parents found out about her cc,he volunteered to pay for her Cobra insurance for six months.We have so much support from students,faculty and staff and parents that it's just amazing and overwhelming to us both.I must say that Ginger is very strong and I just don't know where she gets it from.I am just so grateful for everybody and the cc foundation for all the support.Thank you once again and I will continue to keep you all informed on Gingers condition.God Bless You All.

Hello Everyone,

My girlfriend  just got diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma on 9/20/12.She is 54 years old.We are in the process of going to the City Of Hope with Dr. Singh for a second opinion,her actual Dr is Dr  Lowe with Cancer Care Associates in Redondo Beach Ca.Has anybody been under any of this two doctors care?She starts her first Chemo session on 10/8/12 .I am very angry that this is happening to such a wonderful and caring person and confused with all the  people involved in her care and very sad to see her going through this very hard time in our lifes.We have all the love and support from so many people at work and family members.Please help with advice.