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You mentioned you had percutaneous RFA done to liver mets. I understand that it has limitations - small enough and in right area. My ERCP Dr suggested I wait until I get jaundice symptoms then investigate thru ct scan whether or not I am a candidate for that treatment. The only debate I have in my brain is whether I should get another ct scan in 3 months? 6 months? (or wait for symptoms)Just to be on safe side. I would be very bummed of by the time I got symptoms it (or they) were too large. Did you have symptoms before your RFA?

Just something to throw out there, I had a burst appendix 5 years ago and was very sick in hospital for 3 weeks. At that time I was throwing up bile and had to have ng tube put down my nose in which the bile was coming out for 2 weeks. (pretty gross ... Huh) anyway if that's not a case for bile duct irritation, inflamation, I don't know what is. I suppose that could happen to 10 people and only 1 gets CC ... Lucky me. Also my Breast Cancer was the kind that did not spread to lymph nodes so I got lucky that time .... Not this time. Just to let you know I have not been an unhealthy person most of my life, breast cancer then 5 years later burst appendix now this 5 years.

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here is a link to the procedure i had done


I will try and find ct scan report

As I understand it I have intraheptatic CC. But Dr said it was also involving hilar region. His word to me was "interesting". I had unsuccessful attempts at left side stent placement but after that he tried right side and was successful. So I have CC up both sides. He informed me that the procedure was strictly palliative, not a cure. No tumor size was given to me - I asked oncologist and she said that really couldn't be determined unless I had had a resection. The reason I think I was a candidate was that I maybe had one small metastisis in liver and nothing else. I have enlarged lymph nodes surrounding liver which indicates metestatic disease. I will try and find that ct report. Since I have chosen not to do chemo I am not scheduling any ct scans or blood work. I cannot have any more bilary RFA treatments now that the metal stent has been put in. He told me that from 1st Rfa to 2nd RFA the area he zapped was the same size, the 2nd RFA was done because he thought he could do a little more. I had several Dr's in attendance at RFA treatment and also the rep from the company that makes the Rfa device. The equipment to perform the procedure was borrowed from a Boston Hospital. I was informed that it was a very new procedure and had its risks, but after suffering from jaundice I decided it was worth a shot. I feel very lucky to have had it done and to be eligible for it. I am trying to choose quality of life over a longer life. This I know is a very personal decision. As metastises arise I will try and knock them out or down.

Thanks for responding to me, I was interested to see if anyone else had the same procedure and to let it be known that this is another option. I have looked at other major cancer center sites and none of them even mention this type of RFA.

I had resection surgery done at Rhode Island Hospital which is affiliated with Brown University and RFA through ERCP at Roger Williams Hospital in Providence Rhode Island. I live in RI and my insurance only covers me for instate services. I am very happy with my Doctors.

I have done a lot of research about CC. From what I have read the initial and primary purpose for RFA treatment to bile duct was to enable the bile duct to remain open for a longer time. But studies have shown that life expectancy has increased due to the procedure. They are not sure why but it seems the RFA (while ablating main tumor) also slows down metastisis and cuts off blood supply to main tumor. I will post link if I can find it again. I have searched site for RFA but only see info about RFA for liver tumors and not the bile duct.

I am a 59 year old woman who also had breast cancer 9 years ago.

Diagnosed with CC in April 2012. 3 unsuccessful tries to put stent in. Resection attempt was unsuccessful due to CC going up bile duct too far. Had gallbladder removed. At time of resection the surgeon was able to direct ERCP Dr to better route for stent. Stent placement was successful. ERCP Dr thought I was good candidate for RFA of Bile Duct. Did 1st one in June with plastic stent and had another RFA to bile duct on August 18th and had a metal stent put in at that time.There is a questionable small metastisis in liver, the last CT scan I had about the 1st of August showed it to be less visible. I am not choosing to do Chemo as I have fibromyalgia and am already extremely limited physically. I spoke with Dr the other day and asked about possible RFA to liver tumors when they arise and whether it was worth it and he thought that it was worth it. Feeling pretty good these days, and stent is working fine so far.

I have been looking at this board for awhile and can't seem to find any discussion of RFA to bile duct. Anybody else out there have this done? I was this ERCP Dr's first patient to do this on, and I was his second!!