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Hi Lainy...so wonderful to see your cheerful posts...just wanted to say Hi and I have not forgotten any of you that supported me through my mother's illness.

Take Care


Excellent news. What I always like to see posted.



This is what I love to hear and see posted on these types of boards.

Keep it up buddy



Sorry to hear of the latest news. I just wanted to say that I wish my mum was presented with any trial available at the time, but when you deal with drongo doctors, unfortunately you don't get too far.

Good Luck

Thank you Lainy



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It has been 12 months and I miss you terribly.  I think of you each  and every day.  Your presence seems to be less frequent and I am afraid you will no longer come to me.

If you read this, please wake me when I dream of you tonight.  I need to feel your love and motherly tenderness once again.

Miss you lots


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Hi Mary,

Can't add much, but welcome to an extraordinary family here.

My thoughts and warm wishes are with you.



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Dear Mum,

Wherever you may be, I hope the lights are shining bright this Xmas time.

I love you all so much.

To all my CC family,

Kind & gentle wishes coming from oceans far away.

Merry Xmas



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Thanks Marion....always a pleasure....yes it's quite cool down here in Melbourne...lol


marions wrote:

Ilias....how cool it is to hear from you.


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so pleased over the excellent news.  Here's to a further 50 years of good news.

Take care


Dear Kevin,

My heart breaks for what you and your family had to endure.  I agree, this is a horrid disease, but the support of people on this board is amazing.

I don't often visit since mum passed as it breaks my heart to see new postings.  Although what helps me is all of the posts under the good news section.  I hope we find a cure to this deadly disease.

My sincerest condolences


Hi my lovely,

Good to hear all is well. I hope you start regaining your old self once again.



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Hello Emad,

Welcome to this wonderful site. Your feelings and emotions within your words are just amazing.  I don't have much to add, but I am so sorry for your loss.  I too lost my wonderful mother to this nasty disease and I feel angry.  I feel so angry that I can no longer cry for her loss. In the beginning I felt her presence, but that is slowly fading away and I am frightened that she is leaving me forever.

There are  amazing people on this forum that  have so much wisdom and knowledge that they lovingly share with us.  Unfortunately, far beyond the seas where I reside, there is very little information available and the treatments are no where near as advanced as what they are where you are from.

Once again, welcome and sorry you had to find us. 

Take Care & I look forward to your posts


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so very sorry to hear your news...be strong and remember she is no longer in pain



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Hi Kelly,

So sorry to hear about your mum. 

I am sending my love from far across the oceans. 

Be strong, be by her side, hold her hand and lightly stroke her face.

God Bless



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Fantabulous...Keep posting the good news



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Your Father's last moments were like my mothers.  It was horrible watching her go through so much misery, but I take comfort that she is now at peace and with all of us each day.

Please accept my sincerest condolences.  Remember all the good times you spent together.  A Father is very special person.  I too hope that my boys are there for me one day if need be.



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Dear Percy,

I am very saddened to hear your news.  You have been a pillar of strength to all of us on this forum. 

I wish your path is smooth and encouraging. Stay Strong.

Take Care


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Hi Rain,

sorry to hear about dad's markers.  Hopefully the scans come his way with a better outcome.

I will pray for your family.

Take care


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Hey Suze,

Makes me happy to hear these good news stories.  You go Girl!!!

Take Care

Dear Rosebud,

so sorry to hear about your loss.  This is a tragic disease and I too hope that someday this disease is more recognised and more of our cancer research funds in Australia and other parts of the world be allocated to some of the rarer cancers.

Keep memories close to your heart and you will feel your mother by your side always.  Since my mum passed, I feel her palm on the left side of my chest each time I think of her.

God Bless

Hi Carla,

Sorry you had reason to find this site, but now that you have, support and love will come your way.

You are young, so try and maintain a positive attitude.  Like Kris has outlined, seek more opinions.

Take care

Fantastic news Porter


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Dear Michele

I am so sorry to hear about your loss.  I find comfort that my mother has woken in a better place and is no longer suffering. 

Please know that your husband is there with you.  My mother was with me a few nights ago and told me in my dream that she was fine.  She looked woinderful and told me that she was well enough to mother another child.

My mother passed 40 days ago and passed when all her children left the room to move their vehicles into another parking bay.  But I find comfort that my wife and father were with her during her passing.  I truly think this is what she wanted. 

Please take care and look after yourself and the children.  He will always be with you guiding you and your children.



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Your bond must have been so special.  Your words are truly beautiful