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Dear Percy,

I am very saddened to hear your news.  You have been a pillar of strength to all of us on this forum. 

I wish your path is smooth and encouraging. Stay Strong.

Take Care


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Hi Rain,

sorry to hear about dad's markers.  Hopefully the scans come his way with a better outcome.

I will pray for your family.

Take care


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Hey Suze,

Makes me happy to hear these good news stories.  You go Girl!!!

Take Care

Dear Rosebud,

so sorry to hear about your loss.  This is a tragic disease and I too hope that someday this disease is more recognised and more of our cancer research funds in Australia and other parts of the world be allocated to some of the rarer cancers.

Keep memories close to your heart and you will feel your mother by your side always.  Since my mum passed, I feel her palm on the left side of my chest each time I think of her.

God Bless

Hi Carla,

Sorry you had reason to find this site, but now that you have, support and love will come your way.

You are young, so try and maintain a positive attitude.  Like Kris has outlined, seek more opinions.

Take care

Fantastic news Porter


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Dear Michele

I am so sorry to hear about your loss.  I find comfort that my mother has woken in a better place and is no longer suffering. 

Please know that your husband is there with you.  My mother was with me a few nights ago and told me in my dream that she was fine.  She looked woinderful and told me that she was well enough to mother another child.

My mother passed 40 days ago and passed when all her children left the room to move their vehicles into another parking bay.  But I find comfort that my wife and father were with her during her passing.  I truly think this is what she wanted. 

Please take care and look after yourself and the children.  He will always be with you guiding you and your children.



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Your bond must have been so special.  Your words are truly beautiful


Hi Shari,

I am so happy to hear these amazing success stories...this is great news.



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Your post is so touching...you have come to the right place for understanding and support..I am not as knowledgeable as others on this site, but others with more experience will chime in.


Lainy we are fairing ok so far...wish I could say the same for dad...thanks so much for asking....pleae take care of yourself

Great news honey


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To all my forum friends,

this is a remarkable community

Thank You



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I think and feel mum every minute of the day.  I am sad, but why is it that I cannot cry no more.

Did we mourn her death before she even passed?  I feel guilty. 

My sister Pia and brother Harry feel the same way.  Did we focus too much on her death before she even passed? Is this normal?

Every time I think of mum, I feel this soft sensation on my shoulder. I know she is with me, but I so much want to cry and cant.



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Dear Casimqueen,

Welcome to the most supportive and loving people that have ever existed. I am so sorry you had to find this site, but you will find much comfort here.

I am so sorry to hear about your dad.  You have the best specialists and professionals in the US, so you are in good hands.

Take Care

I buried my mother today and God gave me strength.  God paved the way to the front alter.  My adorable sons, my brother and I carried her coffin closer to God.

I did not think I would find the strength, but God guided me there.

Thank you all so much

In memory...my mum found strength to give us the best Xmas ever...this was the last photo I took of my mother before her fast decline



Hello Sweet Heart,

sorry to here about your troublesome ride.  I wish you tons & tons of good wishes.  May you get better quick as you are one of my rocks.

Hugs & Kisses


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Thank you all for you kind thoughts and wishes.

Last night I was looking for a star to call mum.  I kept on looking, but nothing jumped out. As i turned towards another part of the sky, I saw a shooting star. 

Shooting stars are a rare sight in these parts of the city and I have only seen a couple in all my years of existence.

My mum is the shooting star that travels far and beyond  to be with those who loved her.



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It is with great sadness to inform of my mother's passing 12th February 2014.

My mother died in the loving arms of my father and my caring arms of my wife Georgia.

My mother waited until all her children were outside before she passed peacefully.

I later learned that after her diagnosis she asked my wife and father to be there with her when she passed.

My mother fought this disease until her very last breath.

God Bless


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Thank you Dee and Willow. It's comforting to know people far a across the oceans truly care.

On Saturday night we were told she had between 2- 8 hours. It has now been four days and she is still holding on. We were forced to shut her feed Sunday based on the doctors prediction.  We are so angry we were forced to make this decision.

Sorry, need  to sign off. I will get back to you later.


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Dear Darla and Pam

Thanks so much for your amazing words. All of your support is very comforting to all my family.

God Bless


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Gavin and Pamela

You are all such wonderful and caring people. Your messages of kindness tells me people do care.

I am waiting in the visitors area as I write this. The nurses here have been wonderful and are lookIng after mum beautifully. She is so swollen with fluid at the moment that the bed sheets are continuously wet. The nurses are always changing her and trying their best to keep her comfortable.

Anyway, I will keep you updated soon.

Thanks once again to all this community



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Your post was so heart felt. 

Lainy might be my sweet Lainy, but you are my wise one.  Such wisdom and humanity.

Thank You


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Dear Julia

Thanks so much for your response as it truly means a lot. God Bless you.

My sweet Lainy

I have not seen much of you around. I knew that you would respond. Mum's journey has been hard, so I gave her permission long ago.

She will often open her eyes and look at us all and smile. This is the memory I will keep in my heart forever.

God Bless


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Hi all,

Sorry i have not replied to any posts for many months, especially to all the newcomers.

Mum is rapidly declining and near the end.

I spoke to the oncologist this morning as he was doing his rounds and advised me that mum had no more than a few days to go.  He cut me off quickly then walked away. What has happened to compassion and understanding. 

I am really scared and don't know how and where to find the strength to get me through.