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Hi Ilias,
My name is Cindy. I am on my 5th round of cisplatin and gemzar cocktail.  My regimen is 2 weeks on and 1 week off.  The first week is the cisplatin and gemzar cocktail. The second week is only the gemzar.  The cisplatin is very strong. It takes me about a week to recover from the nausea and weekness.  Make sure your mom has good antinausea medication.  It will help a lot.  I feel very good durring the second and third weeks.  The gemzar is not bad at all. 
Stay strong and best wishes for you mom.


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Thank you for your kind words and carring support. I will definately keep you informed.


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My name is, Cindy Lance, and I am 39 years old and am married with 2 kids.  My daughter is 6 and my son is 2.  I am very healthy, a long distance runner, eat well, have never smoked, and rarely drink.  Then, in late March, after a two week hospital stay, I was diagnosed with stage 4 cholangiocarcinoma and have been on chemo since early April.  Test after test, biopsy after biopsy, and they still could not find anything wrong.  Yet I had all the typical symtoms. Abdominal pain, elevated LFT's, jaunice, discoloration of stoole and urine, and itchy skin.  The ER Dr. tried to send me home the first night I was there.  I argued with him, of coarse.  Then when the surgeon went in to do the laporascopic surgery to remove my infected GB, he looked at my pelvis and abdomen and found many tumors.  The largest was attached to the back of my left ovary.  He biopsied several tumors which came back malignant.  I am so glad that I found this website.  I kind of felt like I was the only one out there going through this. I just love all the support from all of the loving and carring people on this site.  I am keeping a positive attitude and staying strong through all of this, but it is very trying at times.  I have a great Oncologist in Fresno, Ca., Dr. Flam.  He is very strait forward and very aggressive.  That is what I want in a Dr. who is saving my life.  My CA-125, has dropped from 106 before treatment to 12.6, as of 2 weeks ago.  I still need to go through one more round of chemo before I get a repeat CT.  We are hoping that the CT will show that the tumors have shrunk.  We are also hoping that I will become a candidate for surgery.  Wish me luck.