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Thank you Lainy. smile


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Thank you so much for sharing your news. That is really encouraging to read. My mom has stage 3 cc and is starting gem/cys chemo tomorrow. I pray that it works like it has for your father.


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Thanks for all of the warm welcomes. My moms bili numbers came down today and she officially starts chemo tomorrow. She is very scared but ready to start fighting. I have bag packed with books, ipad with movies, good snacks. Any other suggestions?  We were told it would be a long day. Just trying to be prepared.


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Hi all

My name is Shelby and my mom was diagnosed with stage 3 bile duct cancer in September.  She has been through hell the last six months trying to figure out what was causing her liver enzymes to be so high.  She has had numerous procedures to unblock her bile ducts.  She currently has 3 drains and they have removed the bags to see if the bile will drain on its own.  The cancer is intrahepatic and is in two lymphnodes in the liver.  She is not a candidate for surgery at this time.  Her oncologist will be checking her bilirubin levels on Monday and if they are low enough she will be able to start chemo next week.  She and my dad moved from Florida to Baltimore to live with me and so she could go to Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

I am so excited that I found all of you.  The support is what we need right now.  Also I am excited to read all of your stories and learn new information that may help my mom further in extending her life as much as possible.  She is a fighter and so far shows no signs of giving up. 

Thanks in advance for letting me share.


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Hi all,

My name is Shelby Sachetti and my mom was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma three weeks ago.  She is not a candidate for surgery at this time because the cancer has creeped into her liver.  She was admitted to the hospital two weeks ago because her billirubin was a twelve and she is very jaundice.  They are currently trying to unblock her bile ducts.  The stents were not completely successful so now they have added 3 drains and are adding a 4th one tomorrow.  Her billiruben levels are down to a 7.  Hoping they will go low enough to leave the hospital and start chemo.  She may have to live with these drains for the rest of her life.  Does anyone know of something that I could buy or make for her that would hold the bags?  She is so uncomfortable every time she has to get up and walk around.  We tried an abdominal band and it was not very comfortable. 

Anyway I am so happy to have found this website.  The discussion boards are very helpful to read and gives me hope that she may have a chance to get through this and extend her life as much as possible.  This has been such a blow to our family.  Her cancer is already a stage 3 but she is fighting regardless of the odds against her.