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Quick synopsis of what has happened to my dad... Klatskin tumor removal 10/31/12,biloma hospitalization in November, ascites hospitalization 2 times in December. Relatively uneventful January. February hopefully will begin chemotherapy. Port going in on Thursday.

Ned advise on some of the other bizarre things that are going on with him. He has double vision, he is seeing "trailers" behind moving things....for instance a glass he sees go up 24 inches when it may only go up 6. He is sometimes confused by events of the day. His hands are shaking with movement.... Gripping a fork is challenging, threading a zipper is challenging. Essentially his fine motor skills have deteriorated to that of a 5 year old due to the shaking hands and the double vision. He has finished all of his lasix and is now sleeping better at night. His appetite for the most part is good and he is getting physically stronger as he has been released from pt. We are weaning him off of his rx of wellbutrin, which I am hopeful maybe some of it.

His doctors for the most part have said that it is due to the trauma from the surgery and the subsequent complications but it is not adding up to me. His surgery was three months ago and before the surgery his hands did not shake and he did not have double vision. It is very hard for us to see this unbelievable change- from very healthy and strong man to cutting up his food. If any of you could shed some insight I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!

Susan Ferlita

Thank you both for your quick response! I had not thought about his magnesium level being off too. I think I am going to get him to his gp tomorrow and get a round of blood work done and let his gp handle it from there.  I know from personal experience that lasix is not a drug to mess around with and I am worried that some of the symptoms he is having are from the lasix but it is hard to know for sure as they are also symptoms of ascites.

Thank you for your advise!

hey there all

My dad was diagnosed with cc in October. He had a resectable klatskin tumor which was removed on october 31. His recovery was going great until thanksgiving when he started with pain. He was admitted to the James (osu) on December 1 for a " biloma" released on December 5. Readmitted on December 10 and was diagnosed with ascites. He was put on a big dose of lasix , some potassium chloride and his antibiotic was changed then discharged on the 12th. He is suffering with chills, which I understand to be common???? And has some confusion, difficulty concentrating and zero appetite. These chills completely exhaust him. I am concerned for his kidneys and his albumin level. What seems like to have been a miracle story is rapidly spinning out of control and I do not know what to do. Any advise? Thank you in advance!

Thank you all for your insight. My dad did have the surgery on Halloween day. It took 8 and 1/2 hours. He came home about ten days later and was doing good until thanksgiving when he started to have right sided abdominal pain. Finally a week later he went to the er with fever and chills. He was admitted back to the James where they diagnosed him with an infected biloma. This is where it gets strange to me. They kept him for 4 days only, saying insurance was an issue which I am having a hard time believing. The night before he was discharged his surgical oncologist ( Dr. Schmidt) told him he was half way to figuring out what went wrong. Then with no further explanation he was discharged the next morning with prescriptions for two oral antibiotics and home health to assist in irrigating the drain. That was last Wednesday. This evening he was admitted again to the James as he went to his first appointment today to see Dr Saab ( medical oncologist) and developed fever and chills again during the appointment. Needless to say I am concerned and frustrated. I do not know what advise you all can give me but it is reassuring to read other patients stories that had a tough go of it and have made it.

my father was diagnosed with an operable klatskin tumor this week. He lives in Columbus Ohio area and does not want to leave the area at this point for surgery or treatment. I have made him an apointment to see a surgical oncologist next Monday at osu but would love to talk to someone who has gone there for treatment.