Talked with our other ONC dr (we have two, one closer to home and one that's an hour away).  He was much more optimistic the the other Dr and we left that visit feeling as if there is still hope.  We decided to go back on the Oxaliplatin & 5FU again and deal with nueropathy for now and then possibly switch to a drug trial where they are testing AMG 386 (a bio drug) with Paclitaxel (a chemo drug).  Has anyone else done this study???

This goes to show once again that 2nd opinions are vital!  After talking with the first dr. we left feeling like we were out of options, but now we know we there are still options to try (or re-try) and we have hope again and we'll continue to fight.

My husband (age 39) was diagnosed with CC in his liver July of last year, in August they went in to do a resection surgery and pulled out after finding that the cancer had spread to his abdominal wall. 

In Sept '11 he started chemo treatments, he started on a combo of Gemcitabin & Oxaliplatin, after being on that for 4 months with no change (no worse, but no better either).  He then did a chemo embolization which was successful in destroying a lot of the tumor.  Next was a combo of 5FU and Cisplatin, this combo was successful at further shrinking the tumor and lowering the tumor marker, however the side effects were too much to bear (peripheral neropathy making it hard to walk and type - which is essential to his job).  So he was taken off the Cisplatin and left on the 5FU unfortunately after being on just the 5FU there was small growth in the cancer (milimeters) 

On to Ironotecan which he started on two months ago.  This is a particularly harsh chemo, and one he wanted to discontinue after his next PET scan (scheduled for Tuesday 10/23) however, after going in for a CT scan to check the abscess in his liver that was caused by the embolization they saw that the tumor is actively growing now (centimeters now) and new spots are showing up.  The Dr also said we are getting to the end of our options. 

We also just got back biopsy results that showed he is not eligible for any drug trails.

The Dr said we could try some new bio drugs but they are $10k a pill and insurance is unlikely to pay for them (though we haven't had any problems with insurance paying for anything yet). 

Does anyone had any experience with these new bio drugs, or have any suggestions/ideas to talk to our Dr about?