it has been 4 months since my husband gave up " the good fight" and you are absolutely right when you say there is nothing or no one that can fill the void left by our husband's passing.  My children cannot  understand b/c they are missing their father, whereas we are missing our life partner.  No hand to reach out and gently squeeze or warm body to snuggle against on a chilly night. Our bed is too big without him in it now. Day by day is how they tell me to live . . . but I wait for him to walk thru the door. You  are not alone in your grief . . . God's grace b e with you

hello, charlene
reading your story was as though someone had looked into my journal . . . my husband was diagnosed with bdc june 27,2006 and given 3 months to live. He succumbed to this cancer July 27, 2007 in his own home surrounded by his loving children and myself. My husband did not live in denial for himself but for me. Each day as his strength was drained from him b/c of the vomiting and pain, he told me how he was going to get over this "bug." Do not believe for one moment that he cannot see the fear in your eyes or sense it in your voice. My husband wanted to be strong for me b/c he knew I had to stay alone after 30 years of living/ breathing with him.  His cancer pain will become unbearable for you both. Cherish the time you have with him.
my proud, strong, beautiful husband was only 51.

no regrets