Lainey, Mother Nature I've never golfed before. Thanks for all the prayers and support!

Thank you everyone for your advice. I will let you know what the preliminary results are after the EUS tomorrow.

Hello, I'm brand new here. I haven't been officially labeled with BDC, but Dr. says its possible. This past July I went to dr with pain in upper right side...just behind the ribs.  They suspected gallbladder problems. This is what I've had done to date.... 1. Ultrasound showed normal other than a fatty liver. 2. Hidascan and it was alright...54% . 3. MRCP showed the common bile duct was narrowed. 4. So then, ERCP was performed to place a stent inside, however, it was unsuccessful. The doctor said when she got in there it broke open and the bile was gushing out....she tried to go ahead and place the stent but it kept coming out. While they were in there, they did a Brushing and it came back as abnormal cells. The doctor sent it to a different pathologist for second opinion and they have said the same thing. So, now I am scheduled for a EUS tomorrow with a IU Medical doctor in Indianapolis. Also...the doctor saidfor sure I had Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction. Could it be Bile duct cancer or is this from the SOD? My doctor says no on the idea that it could be from SOD. All I know, I have a constant dull achy feeling just under my ribcage on the right side. When I eat, about 30 min or so it will hurt bad for a little while than eases up to just a dull ache. Oh and one more thing....all of my blood tests were normal when this first started.