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Dear all,

Thanks so much for all your support and taking the time to respond to me. I am trying my best to be strong as my mom can read my face and understand my state of mind. I have been very lucky, I have these wonderful memories with her and a great great bond. Also, I am not giving up hope for miracles. After all, miracles do happen. Reading some stories and posts on this forum gives me hope, courage and optimism. Keeping my fingers crossed, plss pray for my mother

Dear Kristin,

My mom diagnosed with CCA is the exact same age and health as your dad, so I really understand what ur going through. She has tried everything now and has been given 6 months max to survive. But I will tell you this from experience, please do not give up on chemo or any other treatment. What may work u never knw and I am definite your dad will tolerate the chemo and subsequent treatments.

Life is too precious and please try everything, I am going to pray that your dad has a long and disease free life.


(6 replies, posted in Introductions!)

My mother was diagnosed with CCA in January and since then life has become a nightmarish rollercoaster. After an initial phase of bleak diagnosis, her tumor was successfully removed in University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre and she underwent 12 rounds of chemo, during which her PET scans showed a steady decline in the disease.

Tha last PET SCAN in August was almost clear. However, two months down the lane, the latest PET Scan in November and our game is over. The disease has come back with a vengeance and she has very few treatment options. The doctors have given her only about 6 months and our family is devastated. She is the core of everything that we do and we do not know how we will survive this.

She is going to begin chemo again with intake of the biological medicine Tarceva, bt docs have very little hope. I want to share this here, because everyone here understands. I do not want to talk about this to even my closest friends and I have to keep a brave face in front of my dad, who has taken this very hard.