Hi Marions and Lainy,

Thank you for your messages. I will keep you posted.


Ana M

Hello Legend,

Thank you very much for your reply. Yes I know about the costs and we will not be able to affort them if we have to pay out of our pocket. However, my brother's insurance compagny may covers the medical expenses outside Colombia. This is not sure yet but it is a possibility.


My name is Ana. My brother was diagnosed with bile duct cancer last August. He is on chemotherapy since September, 24th. He had a MRI exam 3 weeks ago to see if the tumor has shrunk. Unfortunately, the tumor has the same size since the diagnosis (4.8 cm). The doctors are now thinking to combine radiation with chemotherapy. However, they are not sure that the new treatment will work. We live in Bogota, Colombia. We are then thinking to go to the United States to look for a better treatment. Our sister leaves in Boston. So it will be perfect if we can go to Boston. Has anyone been treated at the Mass General Hospital or at Dana Faber Cancer Institute?

Thank you!