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Thank you everyone!

It's so nice to talk to people that have been through this.

Currently my hubby is being treated at Viginia Mason in Seattle. Tomorrow I am calling UofW, to get his scheduled for a second opinion.

This has metastasized to his liver, has ran through his blood stream & is in the retroperitoneal & lymphnodes. The tumor board refuses to do any type of surgery, because it's eveywhere & if the tumor on his liver is not down to a certain size, they will not make him a candidate. What is really bothersome to him, he doesn't understand why they cannot take the little ones in his abdomen out, that is where his pain comes from & radiates to his shoulder, I have been doing alot of research & am finding that the cyberknife would be a great tool, any thoughts? Can he still do some kind of chemo while going through this? The main concern was that he would have to stop the gem/cis for 6 weeks & they do not want to do this, for recovery from surgery. I am wondeing if how invasive the cyber is vs. complex surgery?!

I go in with a million questions & would love some advice from you all, that have experienced this first hand.

Thank you for all the love, thoughts & prayers!



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Thank you so much!

I can't stop the tears! I am having "a" day - I am as strong as they come, but I have been struggling, that is how I found you.

He is currently on gencitabine & cisplatin. The pain (currently) is in his abdomen & radiating to his right shoulder. He had the pain block procedure done one week ago & is finding no relief. He has had a current scan & they found that the little tumors in his abdomen have grown, just a bit. It's amazing how small they are & how much damage & pain they cause.

He is being treated in Seattle & I just found on here that the UW is a great place, I am going to touch base with them, as I think a second opinion would be a great idea, we actually told his oncologist that last week, although we feel that the care he has received is wonderful, this is his life we are dealing with & we will do ANYTHING to save him.

I am trying to navigate myself through this website, is there somewhere I can read your story about your husband?

Thank you for your response smile


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Good Morning-

First, I have to say I am so happy to have found this site.

My 41 year old husband was diagnosed with this last October. Stage 4. We are completely devastated (more I) he has been going through chemo sessions since early November 2011. Just had his 2nd pain block, but is still in severe pain. I feel helpless when he is up all night trying to get relief, he hates taking pain medication. My hubby is a very busy, hardworking man, he has been playing ball for over 20 years & to see his slow down is so hard for me to watch, he is still working hard, he said it takes his mind off of the disease, as soon as he lays down to relax the pain kicks in.

I need people to talk to, we have 4 boys, we are a blended family, ages 20, 19, 15 & 12.

They gave my hubby 12-18 months, it's been just over 12, so I am hopeful & holding on to a miracle. I have read some post about people losing their loved ones to this awful disease & it breaks my heart, I pray for your families to find peace in your heart.

At what point do people feel like things are getting worse? he's been in so much pain since the beginning that I don't know what to look for, what to do, I ask a million questions at the doctors office, but I just don't get the answers I am looking for.

Thank you!!!