Hi everyone,

it's been awhile since my last post, and I have been in a very frustrated situation.  I just want to know if anybody has experience when the cancer is coming back in the liver and surgery is another option.  My dad's cancer is coming back in the liver only four months after surgery.

Thanks everyone for all your support!!

Lainy: I'm really sorry to hear about your husband, he really give a good fight.

Marions: thank you for explanations, will hope the number to go down.

PCL1029: My dad was classified as klatskin's tumor, so he had resected right liver with Roux- en-Y (RNY) procedure. The mayo oncologist told me there are not many options in term of chemo. I'm just hoping his infection is the cause of the spike. The 2nd time around, what are your option of treatments? Have you ever tried other drugs aside from Gemzar?

I'm so thankful for all your wonderful inputs, I will keep you update about his condition


I can relate to how you feel. My dad was diagnosed on July and by August 2012 his physical changed drastically. With a bile drain tube coming from his right stomach, and one of the doctor said he was going to die in 6-9 months, I was angry with everything including God. My dad is an active person, and it's a frustration for you to see him helpless. My advise for you, don't listen to number of years on his live, if your dad still feels he can fight this disease like my dad, believe there is always a door open for you. It gives you hope when you're down as it's to me. Your dad will be in my pray!

Hi Lainy,

Thank you for your welcome. As far as I know this type of tumor doesn't have many drug options. Do you remember what was your husband drug for his chemo? Maybe I can ask my dad's oncologist. I'm trying to be strong, turn my fright into a fight. Now, I'm in the hospital seeing my dad's strength to recover, it's just a blessing day everyday.

First of all I'm amazed by how many of us affected by this disease, and thank you for providing this mean to pour our anger, sadness, and helpful tips. I have been fighting this disease for my dad who was diagnosed on July 2012. It has been a roller coaster ride, but we have to continue to fight. I just want to say to all of families that are affected by this dreadful cancer to keep hope alive. My father was told that his cancer was inoperable, then we had this wonderful Doctor that sent my father's scan to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, and called us that his cancer was operable. We flew from CA to MN in late august 2012, and we were lucky to have him operated within 5 days. It was a miracle to us, and the recovery was an uphill battle with infection that continued to prolong his stay. There were many days when he felt horrible, but his fighting spirit never died. Dr. Nagorney of Mayo was able to remove all his tumor (negative margin), but his lymph nodes showed metastatic (3 out of 13). Now, he has chemo with gemcitabine but after 2 cycles he develops infection again around the dissected liver. He's hospitalized, and his CA 19-9 is at 3000U from 265U with a CT scan that shows he has two cysts around his troubled liver side. I wonder if anybody knows what's the frequency this cancer coming back after negative margin operation? Does CA 19-9 spike so high is an indicator for the cancer to come back? Thank you all for your inputs, and always keep on fighting!!