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Hi Sandie,

I love your positivity - it radiates through your post. x


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Dear Larissa,

I am so sorry to read that your Aunt has died.  51 is still so young and she is clearly very special to you. x


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Hi Olga,

I just wanted to say how hard this must be for you both.  Coping with CC is hard enough but when other medical issues halt your plan of attack it makes you feel helpless.  I like your one day at a time approach.  That got me through my darkest, hardest days, sometimes even taking it an hour at a time. x


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Hi Lainey,

I've missed you all too.   My excuse is a lame one but life's a bit calmer now!


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Dear Beth,

I am sorry that your Mum has passed after such a brave fight.  X


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Hi Patzel,

Good to see you.  I've shamelessly neglected the forum over the last 4 weeks due to work commitments and having to go abroad.  It was here and AMMF I came to for help and support (still do) as we all know to well there is a lack of good advice.  What kind of forum were you thinking of?  I'm not sure going by my track record recently how easy I would find it to keep track of another forum!


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Hi Sandi,

What a lovely post to read.  Enjoy your summer and I hope you've brought some of the French sunshine with you.


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Dear Shelley,

I am sorry that your husband Al has passed.  There is little I can write that will ease the loss you must be feeling but I am thinking of you and your family.


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Dear SMummy2mo,

I am so sorry to read that Richard has passed.  Three weeks is such little time to start to comprehend it all.  I hope his memorial this weekend is all you want it to be for him. x

Hi Margaret,

You brave lady.  Well done for getting through today - I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for you.  x


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Hi Darla,

Welcome to the board although I am sorry your husband is having such a difficult time.  My sister had several complications during her treatment, sepsis being one of them.  She was very, very sick with septic shock but once that was initially treated she improved.  The sepsis was caused by an abscess on her liver and ecoli infection in her blood.  She was blasted with antibiotics and hospitalised for a month before she was discharged.  They also inserted an external drain to drain the abscess.  Prior to her surgery and for a short while after she had an external bile drain.  It did take switching the antibiotics a few times before they got the right combination for her.  She also had a fungal infection in her blood which threw the doctors but once they picked up on it and got anti-fungal medication it also helped. 

I would insist on further testing.  Things change within a person and sometimes not in a predictable or expected way.  A fresh pair of eyes can also shed new light.


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High five on the ironing Lainy.  I'll clean toilets, change beds, Hoover and even dust but iron - my husband does that one;-)


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Dear Kelly,

I am thinking of your mum, you and the rest of your family. 

Be at peace. X

Caroline what a heartfelt post.  You say you are in awe of your mum but I am very touched by what you have written have complete admiration for what you are doing for her.

I completely relate to what you wrote about initially praying for a miracle and now you pray for a peaceful passing.  I was willing my sister to go in the end yet Five months before I was willing for a medical miracle.  Cherish every last minute you have.



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Dusting?  If ever there was an excuse not to do it it's now Lainy!  Rest up, get well and use your energies for other pleasures. x

Great news David.  Thank you for the update and good wishes to Lisa that she continues on the up.



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Hi Desiree,

Happy mothers day to your mum.  x


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Dear Nancy,

I am so sorry to hear that your brave husband has passed.  I am thinking of you and your family. x

Hi Julie,

I'm sorry about this setback.  I'm glad though they are on the case and can get the blood clotting sorted for you. X

Holding you in my thoughts just now Nancy. x


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Very sad and all wrong.


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Hello Wil,

Welcome to the forum.  I'm sure others will be along shortly but congratulation on the surgery and on your recovery so far.  We love to hear stories like this and I'm sure with time we can learn from your expertise too.

Hi Steve,

Sorry I'm coming to this thread late but as always, many have come to welcome and help you.

Marion has already mentioned AMMF - I cannot tell you how much support my family has received from Helen who set up the charity.  My sister was 41 when she was diagnosed with Cholangiocarinoma - well one day and very suddenly ill the next.   Surgery in relation to this disease is a great word to hear and if Oxford are a renowned liver centre then you are in good hands.  The AMMF website has more information on specialist centres/specialists if you need it.

I also echo Angelmar's comments about Maggies.  It was a haven for all my family and again support, advice and place of calm to go to when we needed it

I would have been lost without the support of this family too.  There is always, always someone to listen and answer.

I read everything I could to do with my sister and yes the stats do make for very hard reading.  For me I needed to know head on what we were dealing with.  However every person is different and there are some stories of hope and encouragement hear.  Your fiancés, is already one of them.



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Hi Kris,

You vent away - anytime. 

I do hope Mark catches a break and that it eases up even if just a little for both of you.  Good luck with the new job application. X

Dear Caroline,

It must be very hard to watch this when mom has decided on no more chemo.

I'm with Lainy, I'd have a doc review her care now.  Not treating the cancer does not mean she does not need care.  It may be that that your mom is at a stage where stenting wouldn't be done but palliative care will help with her pain,  nausea and whatever other symptoms she has.