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The chemo is done for this week.  Next week just gemzar, them a week off,  repeatcycletwo more times then check. Thank you all for encouraging words and advice.


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Thank you all for your encouragement and kindness!  I will share this with her on the plane today and work to establish a positive,  encouraging atmosphere. I will post later to let you know how she did.  Bless you all!!


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My sister and I fly To Chicago tomorrow for her first chemo treatment.  I think she is getting gem/cis,  but not certain.  Any advice to help me help her is greatly appreciated!



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you!  My sister was treated at Hershey Medical Center,  but is now seeking help from The Cancer Treatment Center In Chicago,  after the result of her surgery in Hershey.  I will talk t o her and share your good advice.


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Hi Everyone, and thanks for providing a place to learn more and share information and hope.

My sister was diagnosed in November 2012 and will start chemo next week in Chicago at the cancer treatment center. We are from Central PA.

She has been getting stents put in for over two years now at our local hospital, every few months, to hold open her bile ducts.  They did cytology brushings each time and we were told they were fine.  In August after yet another replacement, CT scan and brushing, they had "suspicions", so scheduled her to have partial liver removal in November, and possible gallbladder removal.

When they got in there, gallbladder was gangrenous, lymph nodes were positive for cancer, and there was no way to resect liver.  They removed the gallblader, took biopsies, and stitched her back up.

We are horrified to know that she is already so far down the path when she has been going through tests so regularly.

She is 48.

I'm hoping to learn more about what to expect and what I can do to help her at this point.