Is anyone taking cabozantinib either in the clinical trial ( or working with their own oncologist? My sister Sue has pretty much exhausted all the standard chemo regimes and we are looking for the next thing to pursue. Thanks!

Is anyone taking cabozantinib yet or doing this trial? If so, what is the response? It sounds really promising and my sister has pretty much exhausted all the standard chemo regimes. Thanks!

Hi Susan,
Thanks for this info. Is this the clinical trial your husband is doing? I"m a little confused b/c it doesn't list "liver" or "bile duct" as part of the list of acceptable areas where the cancer is. I'd love to know b/c my sister is not responding to any of the standard chemos and we are looking for a clinical trial. Thanks!

Protocol Summary
Protocol No.    LCCC1036    Principal Investigator    McRee, Autumn
Phase    Phase I
Age Group    Adult    Scope    Local
Title    A Phase I Study of BKM120 with mFOLFOX6 in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumors with Expansion Cohorts in KRAS Wild Type Metastatic Colorectal and Metastatic Pancreatic Cancers
Applicable Disease Sites    Bladder
Breast - Female
Cervix Uteri
Corpus Uteri
Eye and Orbit
Lip, Oral Cavity and Pharynx
Small Intestine
Status    Open
Participating Institutions    UNC-CH
Eligibility Document    LCCC 1036 Eligibility Criteria Protocol Amendment 1 dated 031912.pdf

Hi everyone - Thanks so much for your support and answers/suggestions. You are such an amazing group.

We are considering getting a 2nd opinion and also exploring two clinical trials - the TIL one at NIH and another one using nanoparticles to deliver taxotere in much higher doses. I've also taken a lot of your comments and sent them over to my sister to forward to her doctor. I will keep you all posted.


Hi Lainy,
Thanks for your response and to hear that the weekend can be slow. Fingers crossed that someone on this board has experience with taxotere/docetaxel.

This is my first post to this board. My 56-year-old sister was diagnosed in May with  unresectable stage 4 intrahepatic cc. It was a bad period leading up to the diagnosis - they found a mass on her liver, did a biopsy, did a PVE, only to go in and open her up in May and say that the cancer had spread to all parts of her liver, and stomach and lymph, and she was therefore inoperable.

She then went on xeloda/gemzar for 6 months and confounded everyone by doing fabulously. The tumors almost disappeared to nothing. She felt great and it was really hard to believe she was sick. Sadly, for the past 3 weeks we've noticed that she is feeling nauseous again and her CEA levels have gone from around 5 or 6 to 6.6 and then 10.3.

She is going to have a PET scan to basically confirm that the cancer is on the move again. Her oncologist is thinking of moving her off xeloda/gemzar and trying taxotere. It sounds like it's not targeted specifically for cc (it's a broad spectrum drug used for cancer of the breast, prostate, etc). It also sounds like it will be much harder to tolerate.

Does this sound like the best next step? It just seems like many of you have been on other things like oxaliplatin or cisplatin or 5 FU b4 moving to something like this. Her oncologist thinks that any type of chemo like xeloda/gemzar will fail which is why he wants to try this other drugs.

My question to the group is - has anyone ever used Taxotere? And also, does this sound like the best next step?

Thanks so much.